MoLeCoLa, the project of the team led by Park Associati, wins the international competition promoted by the Municipality and C40 Reinventing Cities for the redevelopment of the Nodo Bovisa site in Milan. MoLeCoLa proposes sustainability, urban integration and new paradigms of social and cultural life.

The project

/ Park Associati aims to give shape to a vision by embracing listening, intuition and experimentation in each project

At Park Associati, design is an open process that feeds on dialogue and combines analysis and intuition.

The process

Biennale Venezia 2021: Catania looks at the sea, the project for the requalification of the waterfront of Catania is part of the exhibition “Resilient Communities”, in the Italian Pavilion.

The project

Our approach to architecture is analytical, pragmatic and tailored, rooted in tradition yet capable of tackling each new project with a fresh, experimental perspective.

Architectural projects

Attention to detail, innovative materials, shapes and functionalities and the ability to turn weaknesses into strengths define our approach to interior design.

Interior projects

Design and community. Over the years, Park Associati has grown, yet we still see ourselves as an architecture studio.


Park Associati's ability to supply clients with innovative design proposals is the result of the quality of our collaborators who, thanks to their professional and human values, are the firm's real strength.