Hermès Silk Mix

Silk, music and design: a perfect balance in the temporary store of Hermès in Rome

The concept of Silk Mix starts from the idea of Hermès to setting up temporary spaces dedicated to the world of silk articles for men and linked to world of music and vinyl. The interior design of the temporary store opened in Rome from December 2017 to February 2018 evokes a recording room and recreates an environment in which music is protagonist and clients can enjoy an immersive experience.

The choice of colors, materials, and light, creates an elegant and fresh setting, with a strong character. The use of a sound-absorbing pyramidal coating allows an immediate referral to the desired imaginary and creates a geometric envelope, strongly characterized by colors.

The rooms have been organized in order to locate listening experiences throughout the store. The records are highlighted by LED frames that identify the displays and create strong luminous signs. The rooms focused on the products provide frames covered in gunmetal gray-colored laminates, a black vinyl floor, and gray lacquered freestander furniture with black iron frames. Posters and neon lights contributes to the atmosphere. A place in which men’s silk scarves illustrate record sleeves, while ties adorn cassettes. A living place, the scene of unexpected encounters and surprises.

The sale spaces are ideally connected with a visual telescope to the Hermès store in via Bocca di Leone. The windows’ design reflects the store philosophy with products, neon lights and vinyl. Silk Mix becomes accessible and visible from the path on the luxury shopping street.

Photo by: Andrea Martiradonna
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