The Cube

The lightness and versatility of a pop-up structure with the design complexity of a building.

The Cube is a pavilion designed to house an itinerant restaurant commissioned by Electrolux. Conceived to be placed in unexpected and dramatic locations, the pavilion has traveled through some of the major European Cities between 2011 and 2012, offering lunch and dinner for eighteen guests at a time.

The interior of the Cube has been designed to suit different arrangements; the pavilion consists of a large open-planned space with a visible kitchen and a single large table that can be made to disappear by raising it up to the ceiling to form a lounge area for use after eating. The total floor area of 140 sqm is divided between the open-planned space and a 50 sqm terrace.

The Cube has been conceived as a module that can be put up and taken down relatively easily, one that suits all climatic conditions, even the most extreme, while always expressing the maximum in living comfort with its refined aesthetics and use of high-quality materials. The construction has the lightness and versatility of a pop-up structure yet with the design complexity of a building. It uses materials that are highly innovative in terms of technology, eco-sustainability and energy saving as well as enabling constant re-use.

The pavilion’s lightness of form is emphasised on the exterior by its white colour and given a sense of movement through the use of an aluminium “skin” that has been laser-cut to create a texture with a geometric design that covers the whole of the outer surface. The base of the building, slightly raised with respect to the ground, accentuates the idea of lightness and the cleanness of form that characterizes the entire structure. Inside, more highly advanced technological solutions can be found in the lighting, heating, sound system and of course, the kitchen equipment.

  • Info
    • Location
    • Client
      Electrolux appliance
    • Status
    • Year
    • Area
      140 m²
    • Design team
      Filippo Pagliani, Michele Rossi Lorenzo Merloni (Project Director) Alexia Caccavella, Alice Cuteri, Marinella Ferrari, Alessandro Rossi Fabio Calciati (Visualizations)
  • Awards
    • International award for architecture and design "Bar, Restauranti e Hotel d’autore" - Honorable mention
    • 14a Mostra Internazionale di Architettura - La Biennale di Venezia
    • IDA Awards - First Prize in the 'Other projects' category
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Configurazione pranzo/cena

Configurazione evento

Photo by: Andrea Martiradonna
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