Luxottica Headquarters

A transparent crystal creates new architectural relationships in a large courtyard and becomes its linchpin

Completing the area of the Luxottica headquarters in the heart of Milan, a few steps from Piazza Cadorna, the newest building is a transparent crystal that welcomes the external light into the “lens” of its glass façade, ensuring the maximum wellbeing to the indoor environment.

The new volume becomes the linchpin, the element that establishes a sense of continuity between the architectural, historical and natural elements characterising this urban microcosm overlooking the historical garden of Palazzo Litta but invisible from the Piazza, protected by the façades of the pre-existing buildings. At the same time, its regular layout and clean-cut forms characterise it as a sharp, assertive element in its own right.

Research, technology, materials, every design theme has been a case study with the aim of achieving an architecture and an interior design expressing innovation, beauty and functionality. Starting from the façade, designed by Park Associati in collaboration with Deerns: a high-tech double glass skin that covers the entire façade offering a balance between reflection and transparency. It’s slightly convex form becomes a filtering protective 'lens' that lets the inside and the outside come into an almost physical contact.

On the outside, the alternation of full and empty spaces created by the new structure generates a surprising and unusual space. The traditional Milanese inner courtyard is extended and reinterpreted in line with the contemporary requirements of fluidity, interconnection and transparency.

The purpose of the new building is to further enhance the entire complex. While openly declaring its independent style and welcoming and reflecting external stimuli, the project becomes a new key of interpretation of the headquarters' entire system. A new landscape is thus created, where man and nature meet and coexist in a delicate balance.

  • Info
    • Location
    • Client
      Luxottica Group
    • Year
    • Area
      4500 m²
    • Energy certifications
      LEED Gold
    • Design team
      Filippo Pagliani, Michele Rossi Lorenzo Merloni (Project Director) Alessandro Bentivegna, Luca Borlenghi, Alexia Caccavella, Corrado Collura, Alice Cuteri, Valeria Donini, Cristina Tudela Molino, Marco Vitalini Marinella Ferrari (Graphics) Fabio Calciati, Mario Frusca (Visualizations)
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Photo by: Mario Frusca
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