Tenoha Milano

Milanese design and Japanese culture are perfectly matched and are both given expression in a balanced environment

Tenoha Milano is a hybrid space, where retail, bar, restaurant, co-working space and event space manage to coexist. The route created by Park Associati's interior design winds its way between Japanese culture and Italian design, the two distinct souls that live side by side in a radically original environment.

The formula and origin of this space are also innovative. Tenoha is a Japanese brand that creates multi-service spaces for traditional cuisine and the sale of home accessories. The choice for the company’s first landing outside of Japan fell on Milan, in a former industrial building from the 1930s located a stone's throw from the Navigli.

The unit is divided into a space overlooking the street enhanced by large windows intended for retail and an internal space that houses a restaurant and a bar that look onto the inner courtyard, a co-working area and an event space. By maintaining wide open spaces, industrial shed-style roofs and exposed pipes, the project respects the industrial soul of the place. The use of simple finishing materials and the articulation into thematic areas generates a seamless succession of spaces, each perfectly characterised by its own functions. Custom-made furnishings were designed for all spaces, taking inspiration from classic Japanese materials such as cherry wood or from the forms of oriental-style ceramic processing — as seen in the decoration of the bar counter. To ensure continuity to the project, much attention was also paid to the details of the lighting, as well as to the different functions of the space.

Tenoha Milano is a new project that combines food, work, events and leisure within a single elegant yet dynamic container.

Photo by: Stefano Anzini, Andrea Martiradonna, Filippo Romano
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