/ Founded in 2000 by Filippo Pagliani and Michele Rossi, Park Associati deal with architectural design, urban planning, interior design and product design.

Park Associati 2000-2021

Park Associati's first home was a flat converted into an architectural practice — a few design workstations, a large model room and a small kitchen. This is where the first residential and international projects, such as the Credit Suisse branches in Milan, Munich, Frankfurt and Berlin, took shape.

In the early years, Park Associati filtered, developed and adopted external ideas and stimuli, thanks to the culture of dialogue that still characterises the practice's open design methodology.

Over the years, the firm has evolved and grown, both in terms of propositional capacity and skill. In 2013, Park Associati moved to the first floor of a former telephone factory in the Città Studi area. Expanded in 2018, this space now accommodates 60 collaborators, up from the 20 of 2013.

What we do

Park Associati proposes specific and precise projects without neglecting composition and aesthetics.

An important practice is linked to the world of headquarters, designed to be the home of companies and to welcome their identity values, as evidenced by the headquarters of Salewa in Bolzano and Luxottica and Nestlé in Milan.

Park Associati are fascinated by hybrid typological solutions, especially in the residential sector. The development of various student residences in Milan, including the first lot of the former Falk area of MilanoSesto, are a perfect representation of this.

Attention to detail and the selection of innovative materials and shapes characterise the pop-up restaurants The Cube and Priceless, as well as the retail projects, from the multifunctional spaces of Tenoha in Milan, to the Hermès boutiques in Italy and Seoul and the Brioni boutiques around the world.

Urban regeneration and the retrofitting of historic and modern buildings are other key design themes. In Milan, this is exemplified by the restyling of La Serenissima and Gioiaotto, the conservation interventions in Piazza Cordusio and in Via Brisa and the complete redesign of the Engie and the IlSole24Ore headquarters.

On a larger territorial scale, the practice is developing various masterplans, including the transformation of the area adjacent to Milan Expo2015 and the redevelopment of the Catania Waterfront.


The premises in Via Garofalo in Milan currently accommodate 60 collaborators, including architects and interior designers, researchers, designers, graphic designers and professionals in support of design. Park Associati's ability to supply clients with unique design proposals is the result of the quality of our collaborators who, thanks to their professional and human values, are the firm's real strength.

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Listening lies at the heart of our design approach. One of our missions is to interpret in a responsive and flexible way the requirements and wishes of our clients into a tailor-made design.