/ Our goal is to give shape to a vision, by interpreting and synthesising the variables that are an integral part of projects. At Park Associati, design is an open process that feeds on dialogue and combines analysis and intuition.


Listening, intuition and experimentation are at the heart of Park Associati's design culture.

Listening translates to consideration of the concrete elements dictated by regulations and economic, climatic or environmental conditions, although attention is also paid to the intangible and more concealed elements: the clients' identity values, the end users' wishes and requirements, and the urban, social and political context.

Intuition brings quality to all the practice's projects. Creative flair always accompanies the analytical process to decipher the complexity of the contexts and add value to the design intervention.

Experimentation with languages and technologies and collaboration with other disciplines drives Park Associati to deal with the most diverse projects on a wide spectrum of intervention, ranging from urban planning to design. Research is a key activity in the practice's culture and it takes an ongoing form in the Park Plus laboratory.


Searching for a form that summarises a vision and gives consideration to the elements that add value to a project is at the heart of our work. Our approach to architecture is analytical, pragmatic and tailored, rooted in tradition yet capable of constantly generating new linguistic codes that shape our thinking.


Interior design poses fascinating challenges, linked to the search for tailor-made solutions capable of expressing the highest quality. Whether it is a shop or a restaurant, a workspace or a home, our focus is on innovative materials and functionality. We experiment with increasingly hybrid environments, where wellbeing and the need for sociality are related to requirements of efficiency and flexibility.

Park Plus

Park Plus is Park Associati's research unit that supports and stimulates project teams. By collecting opinions, experiences and points of view, this innovation tool provides fertile ground where new ideas can grow. This applied research investigates new construction technologies, materials and architectural character to the benefit of current and future projects.

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Park Materials

The Materioteca (materials library) is where research and sharing take shape within the practice. Materials are carriers of contents and their in-depth information brings quality to the project. At Park Associati we organise this know-how systematically, making it accessible to all members of the practice.

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Park Lab

Park Lab is a place of experimentation. Developing prototypes and models, the Park Associati laboratory is a space where research on materials and their potential is carried out daily. Park Lab is a melting pot of proposals and ideas that turns models into work tools and, thanks to innovative equipment and technologies, produces unique views of projects.

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Park Hub

Park Hub is a flexible space open to the city on the ground floor of the practice. Designed to host a range of activities, from exhibitions to talks, Park Hub allows us to learn from the outside, to receive new stimuli and at the same time contribute to the growth of the community. Welcoming the exciting mix of Milanese and international culture, this space offers an opportunity to meet and compare with other professional and artistic experiences.

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