Our goal is to give shape to a vision, by interpreting and synthesising the variables that are an integral part of projects. At Park Associati, design is an open process that feeds on dialogue and combines analysis and intuition.

Park Associati base their design culture on the three values that represent their approach to design: listening, intuition and experimentation.

The architecture we believe in is based on the exchange of ideas, the passion for dialogue and the sharing of a common goal. By combining the concreteness of the increasingly crucial environmental, social and economic issues with the more intangible but equally important dimensions of clients, people and urban context, the practice created a method that allows each project, be it of architecture, interior design or landscape design, to be managed effectively. Through listening, we build a horizontal value system aimed at putting human beings at the centre of each project.

Our approach to architecture is analytical, pragmatic and tailored, strong in tradition and, at the same time, capable of generating ever new linguistic codes. Intuition brings quality to any design intervention and, combined with the analytical process, it interprets the complexity generating original and valuable solutions. The vision required by our craft presents us with fascinating challenges related to the search for tailor-made timeless solutions capable of meeting today’s challenges while remaining open to tomorrow’s.

Researching typologies, forms and languages has always been the mainstay of Park Associati’s thinking. Whether a building, a shop, a restaurant, a square or a space dedicated to work and the home, we always try to give an innovative interpretation of a project by experimenting with hybrid environments, where living comfort and the need for sociality are combined with the requirements of efficiency and flexibility. In a reality characterised by increasingly complex dynamics, we chose the tools of interdisciplinarity and innovation to develop our work – Park Associati is now a fully BIM practice, open to ‘contamination’ by computational design and capable of giving answers that are aligned with the new frontiers of design.

Our approach to architecture is analytical, pragmatic, and calibrated, strong in tradition, and at the same time able to generate new linguistic codes capable of shaping our thinking.


Interior design poses fascinating challenges related to the search for tailored solutions capable of expressing, the highest quality, innovation, and flexible efficiency.


We are open to the unpredictability of the botanical world, and its constant transformations. Architecture and landscape constantly dialogue to create biodiversity, the richness of forms, and unexpected landscapes.


Park Plus

Park Plus is a research units that sides the firm’s workflow to enhance its strategic thinking, its innovation principles and its international recognition.

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Design Technology

The Design Technology department at Park Associati is composed of a team of in-house BIM and Computational Design specialists that investigate and implement innovative digital design tools across the office in a collaborative manner.

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Park Materials

The essence of a project is represented by the materials with which it is made. Park Materials is the tool we use to make them interpreters of innovation and contemporaneity.

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Park Lab

Maquettes represent a design tool through which the practice expresses itself and its visual research, an identity processing tool that the firm has always used to concretely tell its vision

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