Park Plus

Park Plus was created with the aim of spurring operational teams to ensure innovation and quality in projects. Feeding on curiosity and collecting opinions, experiences and points of view that provide fertile ground for new ideas and visions, Park Plus is Park Associati's applied research unit, an analytical tool for investigating new materials and experiment with shapes, architectural solutions and innovative technologies. Park Plus thinks big, searches for unexplored paths and has fun making architecture.

Thinking Plus

Park Plus provides ground for dynamic confrontation, a meeting point for diversity and fun, two words that share the same etymology, 'divertere' — to turn away. Park Plus is an open and integrated platform from which architecture can be explored from a broader perspective. The Plus team dialogues with the increasingly rapid and complex flow of projects and takes the time required for research (trial and error, progress and rethinking), temporarily joining the project groups to provide input and then slowing down the pace, in a game of approach and distancing that results in the continuous creation of new life. Park Plus is a lung that filters innovative ideas and communicates the results of Park Associati's research and experimentation to the outside world.

Making Plus

We think digitally, we produce by hand. Physical models, prototypes and photographs are the tools we use to make architecture. It is an artisanal approach that enriches contemporaneity. Market consideration and meetings with suppliers represent important moments in our preparation. Our distinguishing approach is fed by an organised and updated material library in line with current production: attention to detail and material rendering are our business card.

The volume ‘INLEGNO. Cambiare prospettiva per costruire il futuro’ is the result of the research carried out by Park Associati and Bollinger+Grohmann on the wide and still partly unexplored potential of wood in present and future architecture and offers a reflection that covers the current climate crisis, the history of its use and the innovative technologies that support its usage.