Is it possible to make architecture by overcoming the dualism between radical sustainability and commercial logic?

INLEGNO defines the issue of building through Park Associati’s design eye and Bollinger+Grohmann’s technical experience.

Focusing on the topos of timber architecture and its combination with traditional techniques, the book examines wood’s potential, highlights its critical issues and offers an overview of its characteristics.

This research of international scope aims to reflect on the evolution of a dysfunctional system poised between climate crisis and growth opportunities.

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Editorial board
Park Associati
Matteo Arietti, Sara Cacciati, Marco Ghezzi, Simone Negrisolo, Margherita Piccin, Andrea Riva, Michele Versaci
Stefano Cammareri, Mark Fahlbusch, Laura Galvani, Tommaso Pagnacco, Andreas Rutschmann

With the support and advice of
E.S.A. Engineering
Michele Bradanini, Gian Pietro Cenderello
Giovanni Paolo D'Adda

Graphic design and cover
Park Associati
Camilla Corato, Marco Sorrentino

Park Associati
Luciana Rappo
Cathy Larqué, Susanne Nowak, Roberta Simone, Marianne Stalhos

LetteraVentidue Edizioni

Park Associati’s Partners in conversation with Park Plus on new, sustainable perspectives in design.

  • Episode 01: Do we stand now? Where are we going?

  • Episode 02: Could wooden buildings be a solution to climate change?

  • Episode 03: Is it better for wooden buildings to use a hybrid structure?

  • Episode 04: Can wooden buildings resist to natural and fire attacks?

  • Episode 05: Can wooden building have a contemporary language?

  • Episode 06: Can wooden buildings be more comfortable and healthier?

  • Episode 07: Do wooden buildings guarantee compliance with acoustic standards?

  • Episode 08: Can wooden buildings reduce building time?

  • Episode 09: Are wooden buildings in line with the circular economy strategy?

  • Episode 10: Which direction has Park Plus taken as a research method?