Nice Moving

Technology, energetic performance and sustainability for an innovative headquarters

A highly technological, energetically independent building, perfectly blended within the surrounding environment, which reflects the client's identity. This is Park Associati's proposal for the new building that will extend the Headquarters of Nice, an Italian company based in Oderzo that produces cutting-edge automation systems and domotics.

The new pure geometries that absorbe an existing partially demolished building interact directly with the surrounding countryside of vineyards, as well as with the rest of the headquarters. The 8,500-square-metre extension will develop over three floors above ground, with the ground floor housing the test and prototyping areas and the two upper floors dedicated to research. The working environments will overlook and develop around an inner courtyard, which is the core of the project. The glazed open spaces, which partly feature double heights, create a continuous spatial and visual connection among the functions. The system of flows to and from the building and within it is characterised by agility and fluidity: this flexible and sinuous pathway is called Nice Tube.

The environment is at once intimate and dynamic, and is protected by a highly technological self-propelled roof. Completely covered with photovoltaic panels featuring a coloured film, the roofing comprises a network of metal beams and, thanks to the laminated glass elements integrating the photovoltaic cells, allows natural light to filter through. Its movement is driven by solar energy, which allows the roof to control its opening depending on the hours of the day and the season. The building's casing is also highly efficient, thanks to the vertical metal mesh panels that, in response to atmospheric factors, allow optimal shielding based on the sun path.

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    • Area
      8500 m²
    • Design team
      Filippo Pagliani, Michele Rossi Francesco Garofoli (Project Director) Ludovica Lamoure, Andrea Manfredini, Simone Marzorati Marinella Ferrari (Graphics) Antonio Cavallo, Stefano Venegoni (Visualizations Fase II) Flooer (Visualizations Fase I) Kazuki Okochi, Marco Ghezzi (Models)

Outside, newly-planted vines emphasise the wish to create a building that 'breathes' following nature's rhythm while holding within highly technological energy.

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