Enel Headquarters

Sustainable materials and indoor greenery for a new concept of the office life, reflecting the brand values

As well as focusing on architecture and interior design, the 'aesthetic' project of a corporate office also deals with communication. Proposing a functional aesthetic solution must therefore also include a profound knowledge of the company's identity, its culture and its mission.

Park Associati’s proposal for Enel Home restores an existing building from the early 1960s with a hard retrofitting intervention and aims to highlight its specific morphological and compositional features through a reinterpretation of its original layout.

The large ground floor distribution system embraces the whole building and becomes, together with the bridge crossing the first floor of all the blocks, the Energy Line —— the engine of Enel home's social and dynamic exchanges.

The façades are designed and parameterised according to latest generation energy calculation models. Vertical elements in biodynamic cement with photocatalytic properties act as screens of the more urban facades of the complex. The courtyard's internal façades are entirely glazed and enlivened by a sort of pleating effect obtained through a unique glass assembly system.

The interior design optes for a neutral and customisable atmosphere. Open areas, plenty of light, colour accents, technology and greenery are the carefully-chosen themes, in an environment that balances office and home.

To facilitate orientation, a chromatic diversification for the various buildings (Wayfinding), has been proposed, applied to the landing and break areas, including the fabrics of non-operational furnishings.

Enel Park, the indoor greenery illustrated in the widespread use of plants in interior spaces, is one of the focuses of the design. Starting from the entrance hall, each floor and every function of the building features different plant elements, with surprising effects that also bear in mind biodiversity. Magnolias in the courtyards, subtropical vegetation in the bioclimatic greenhouses, a mini bamboo forest in the in-house nursery's garden, and the rows of maritime pines to shade the running track on the rooftop —— in the new Enel Headquarters, nature coexists with man.

Landscape project: Marco Bay

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    • Year
    • Area
      77000 m²
    • Design team
      Filippo Pagliani, Michele Rossi Alessandro Rossi (Project Director) Matteo Arietti, Alexia Caccavella, Antonio Cinquegrana, Erica Fassi, Elena Ghetti, Marco Panzeri, Andrea Riva, Enrico Sterle, Elisa Taddei Marinella Ferrari (Graphics) Mario Frusca, Engram (Visualizations)

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