Snam Headquarters

Experimenting a new way to work and live together for a headquarters that opens its doors to the city

A project as a communal house, to developing new ideas and promoting creativity and meeting.

Park Associati's proposal for the new headquarters of Snam Energy stems from an attentive analysis of the company, whose strengths are innovation, research, balance between the well-being of employees and the efficiency of production processes.

The headquarters is in Milan and redesigns the relationship between the urban core of the historic, lower city, and the new high-rise architectural developments in the Porta Romana area.

The horizontal, lower part of the complex, opens a new square towards the city. Its perimeter houses a belt of bamboo plants that from the outside are perceived as a green wall. Snam square houses offices, meeting rooms and other amenities, among them a gym and an exhibition area.

A scenic staircase connects all the nine floors of the vertical element, acting as an independent space, the Snam Connection features openings and resting places for smart working and relaxation.

Offices and service areas are arranged asymmetrically along the long wing of the floors, alternating open plan and closed offices, they form the Snam Lab. Thanks to a modular design, their layout can be changed depending on needs. Natural light seeps through the two volumes’ double-glazed casing, wrapping them and establishing a filter for both light and air circulation thanks to the exhisting opening between the double glass shells oft he façade.

On the top floor terrace a rooftop bar, a gym and a training track welcome the collaborators at Snam Deck. The slab‘s roof, houses the Snam Field, a space enriched by the colours and scents from the vegetation, partially open to the public, where a few small glazed pavilions are housed. They are a shelter offering  disconnected moments of true abstraction from the surrounding environment or places where activities unrelated to tecnology can be conducted.

Landscape project: Marco Bay

  • Info
    • Location
    • Client
      Covivio Development
    • Status
    • Year
    • Area
      28000 m²
    • Design team
      Filippo Pagliani, Michele Rossi Alessandro Rossi (Project Director) Matteo Arietti, Antonio Cinquegrana, Ciro Capasso, Vanessa Guzzini, Andrea Manfredini, Enrico Sterle, Davide Viganò, Marco Vitalini Marinella Ferrari (Graphics) Mario Frusca, Stefano venegoni (Visualizations)

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