Aparto Milan Ripamonti

The restyling of the former Consorzio Agrario in Milan creates a campus for 700 students, connected with the city

The project features a high quality but informal holpitality, that offers opportunities for networking and synergies, at the same time protecting each individual’s privacy. 

The requalification of the existing complex and the concept of the new building stems in the first place from a careful exam of the place and the historical memory represented by the former agricultural consortium. This choice seeks a new relationship between the city and the building, opening up campus life to the surrounding urban fabric and meeting the requirements of those who choose this type of accommodation also for long periods

On the outside, dark plaster and the addition of a sandstone base maintain the main building's semi-industrial character, while the light grey aluminium sheet of the added storey helps to lighten its volumes.

The façade of the new building inside the campus features a pattern alternating glass and anodized aluminium panels.

The exterior is characterised by modularity, its horizontal and vertical modules marked by prefabricated fibre cement elements at regular intervals. Modular marking responds to a direct form-function relationship: the façade reflects the division of interior spaces. The architectural language used in the new building represents a break with the pre-existing features.

The complex’ ground floor accommodates areas for meetings, conferences and exhibitions, a cafeteria and study areas. The courtyard - an outdoor agora designed to host events - is the campus' core.

The interiors are extremely flexible and feature various types of accommodation: from the single room to the studio with kitchen and mezzanine for two people. The project also introduces the cluster: a macro-flat accommodating between 8 and 12 people sharing the common spaces while having their own single or double room with private bathroom. The rooms and studies offer sober but welcoming environments that are both functional and comfortable, featuring a palette of warm bright colours and decorated with classic materials like wood, fabric, sandstone, metal.

  • Info
    • Location
    • Client
      Hines Italy, Prelios
    • Status
      In Progress
    • Year
    • Area
      32000 m²
    • Energy certifications
      LEED Gold
    • Design team
      Filippo Pagliani, Michele Rossi Marco Panzeri (Project Director) Elisa Borghi, Simone Caimi, Gloria Caiti, Erica Fassi, Andrea Riva, Alessandro Rossi, Ismail Seleit, Irene Seracca Guerrieri, Enrico Sterle, Davide Viganò Marinella Ferrari (Graphics) Fabio Calciati, Mario Frusca, Stefano Venegoni (Visualizations)

Original building


Construction Site - April 2021

Construction Site - February 2022

Construction Site - February 2022

Construction Site - June 2023

Construction Site - June 2023

Construction Site - June 2023

Photo by: Nicola Colella, Mario Frusca
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