Pirelli 35

Hard retrofitting and recomposition of a building creates a new urban space

The project of Park Associati and Snøhetta in Milan deftly merges architecture, landscape and urban design to create a generous and accessible building that becomes a transit and meeting point between different areas of the city.

Rather than opting for new-build, Snøhetta and Park Associati have chosen to concentrate on the refurbishment of the existing building and creating a new urban space within the city. Through focused interventions, the requalification magnify and optimize the aesthetic and structural qualities of the existing building and draw upon the special typologies and elegant material expression of Milan.

The refurbished Pirelli 35 office block will be built on the existing scale and lines of the neighboring buildings. A penthouse office floor floating above the rooftop restaurant and a new six-story extension will be added to the main volume. Clad in a warm terracotta, the extension will be connected to the exhisting volume by a bridge-building.

The existing central wing of the building will be demolished to generate a spacious and dynamic courtyard with a lush garden at ground level. An undulating stone carpet will invite the public to cross the site whilst at the same time unifying the different programs and levels of site closer together. 

The building is organized in three visibly different “layers”: The transparent ground floor and the 9th floor provide a high degree of accessibility. Levels 1 to 8 make up the main body of the building, providing an elegant and sober workplace. The 10th floor penthouse  creates a unique meeting point with beautiful views overlooking the city.

The environmentally sustainable aspects of the building will be fulfilled through a series of thoughtful interventions. Low embodied energy materials as well as re-used and recycled materials will be used throughout the building, and a large photovoltaic canopy will power a water-to-water heat pump for thermal generation. 

Via Pirelli / Via Bordoni

The courtyard

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