• The Architects Series – A documentary on Park Associati

    Park Associati is the protagonist of the new episode of ‘The Architects Series’, the format curated by the magazine The Plan for the Iris Ceramica Group.

    Focusing on the practice’s philosophy and its constant interaction with urban culture based on experimentation, research and collaboration, the online screening of the documentary can be watched online on Thursday 10th June.

    The live meeting will be broadcast live from the showroom of Milan’s Iris Ceramica Group. The documentary will be followed by the lecture ‘Design beyond scale’, in which Filippo Pagliani and Michele Rossi will expand on the practice’s design philosophy and the themes associated with the future of architecture.

    To join the documentary, please use this link.

  • MoLeCoLa, the masterplan designed by Park Associati, comes first in the international competition promoted by the Municipality of Milan together with C40 Reinventing Cities for the redevelopment of the Nodo Bovisa site

    Led by Hines Italia as investor, the winning group proposes a virtuous project of environmental and social sustainability and technological and cultural experimentation. The masterplan’s aim is to guarantee a high level of liveability and well-being starting from the needs of citizens, thus becoming an inclusive and accessible hub of opportunities within the Italian and international panorama.

    The MoLeCoLa masterplan stems first of all from the desire to mend the city’s urban fabric, which is currently divided by the layout of the railway tracks. The area covered by the competition represents the right opportunity to relaunch the entire district, both by mending the urban fabric and by addressing the aspects related to sociability, mobility and the use of public spaces. By promoting the birth of a new district founded on the principles of sustainability and community, MoLeCoLa's intervention thus aims to act as a linchpin for the urban regeneration of Bovisa”.

    Thanks to the collaborative work of all members of the group, a great result was achieved through integrated design and multidisciplinarity.

    Hines (investor), Park Associati (urban planning architect), Habitech (environmental expert), Mobility In Chain (experts in mobility, infrastructure and transport), Bollinger + Grohmann (structural engineer), ESA Engineering (Energy and plant-engineering strategies and sustainability), Greencure (landscape architect), IRS (Expert in participatory processes), Schneider Electric (Expert in digital solutions for sustainability), A2A - Calore e Servizi (Consultant for energy strategy), Wood-Beton (Expert in prefabricated and wood buildings, product engineering), Ammlex (Legal and administrative consultant).

  • Park Associati participates to the 17th International Architecture Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia

    “Catania looks at the sea”, the project for the requalification of the waterfront of Catania will be part of the exhibition “Resilient Communities”, curated by Alessandro Melis in the Italian Pavilion.

    22.5 – 21.11.2021 Tese delle Vergini, Arsenale.

    The video “Catania faces the sea” and a big model reproducing the 4 kilometre of coast involved by the new development, feature the story and the concept of the masterplan for the new waterfront of Catania, winner of the competition in 2019 and still without any follow up.

    Living at the foot of the highest active volcano in Europe entails a great deal of resilience and adaptation. Catania’s citizens have been doggedly building and rebuilding their city within the fertile basin bounded by Mount Etna and the Mediterranean sea. Today, Catania is no longer looking out to sea. The railway and the harbour have moved the water away from the city, both physically and figuratively.

    The competition for the new waterfront masterplan was a great opportunity to return Catania to its sea. Leading the group that won the competition in 2019, Park Associati's intervention focuses on the city's four-kilometre waterfront, which includes the harbour, some abandoned industrial areas, the railway and several residential areas. At the core of the project is water, which from rejected risky element is turned  into an identity-defining economic resource for the city's future.

    Two years on, no one has followed up on the project and nothing is known about the masterplan's future. Catania is still waiting for a chance to look out to sea.

  • Park Associati designs a dressing room for Teatro Arcimboldi

    With the VIETATO L'INGRESSO ('No Entry') project, Teatro degli Arcimboldi invited 17 architectural firms to refurbish as many dressing rooms of the theatre to mark the occasion of its reopening to the public after a year of forced closure.

    Curated by Giulia Pellegrino, the project invites each of the firms to 'adopt' a dressing room and redesign it, with the aim of giving a 'new soul' to these rooms that, while performing the same function, like the stories that come to life inside them, are all different.

    Park Associati is working on the concept that will turn the dressing room into a place capable of promoting both concentration and communication, where black sets the stage for the boundary between reality and enactment and light reveals their coexistence within the theatre.

    The refurbishment work will be carried out during the summer and the dressing rooms will be opened on the occasion of Fuorisalone, from 5th September 2021, when the public will be able to visit them in total safety and vote for their favourite dressing room until 27th September. Online voting will start simultaneously and the winning architectural firm will be given the task to refurbish the 'Camerino Muti', the main dressing room of the theatre.

    We are happy to contribute to this project which will also be made possible thanks to the support of technical partners, companies and workers: thanks to them the works will have no economic impact on the theatre, enabling it to reopen with new stimuli and energies.

  • Park Associati is one of the designers of 'Unione Zero', the first private development lot of MilanoSesto

    Hines finalizes the process of selecting the designers of 'Unione Zero', the first development lot that will see the launch of MilanoSesto, the largest urban regeneration project in Italy and one of the major European ones. Park Associati will design the student residence that will house approximately 700 beds.

    The same area also envisages office spaces, hospitality, neighbourhood commercial activities and innovative residential solutions in which are involved the other selected designers: Antonio Citterio e Patrizia Viel, Barreca & La Varra e Scandurra Studio Architettura.

    To guarantee coherence, philosophy and international vision, the projects will be based on the masterplan signed by the architectural practice Foster + Partners.

    All the firms involved will be asked to interpret, each within their own project cluster, the concepts of environmental sustainability and energy efficiency, in terms of performance and LEED, Well and Cradle to Cradle certifications, favouring the use of innovative materials in line with the principles of circular economy and enhancing the interaction between public and private spaces. 

    MilanoSesto is an extraordinary opportunity to give new life to and renew the vocation of an area that has been so meaningful within Italy's industrial history — says Michele Rossi, co-founder of Park Associati. Working on the student housing building enables us to pursue the research path on the forms of living and to experiment new balances that mix private environments and public spaces. Our intention is to tackle the design process promoting an ongoing dialogue and interchange with both the masterplan and the designers of the other clusters. In our opinion, this working method can enrich all projects with both contents and solutions.


    Press Release

    Image credits: Foster+Partners

  • The Plan Architect Series

    Park Associati will be the protagonist of one of the next episodes of 'The Architects Series', a series of monographs by The Plan magazine that focuses on Italian and international architecture practices.
    A camera crew was recently our guest in our office for a whole day, sharing all the moments that mark a day in the life of the practice. The idea is to record and show Park's approach to design, as well as the philosophy of a practice that has turned research and experimentation into essential tools for growth and search for quality. Park’s outlook also comes through in their openness to the city and to other creative disciplines, an aspect highlighted by the interviews with the partners and by the words of the collaborators. We hope above all that the documentary will portray the cohesion of an inclusive group, from which people find it hard to part and to which, at times, they return. The documentary will be screened at Milan's Iris Ceramiche showroom in May when, hopefully, we'll be able to attend.

  • BIM Portale – Interview with Park Associati

    Park Associati takled the BIM practice slowly, in the knowledge that an "all-and-all" approach would be a mistake." Simone Caimi, BIM Manager of the studio, talks with BIM Portale about the evolution of a process that is now part of the workflow of architectural design.

  • Il tavolo dell’architetto

    The table on which the design activity takes place becomes a vision in which the studio’s life is mirrored.
    Park Associatis’ video contribution to the online series created by Museonovecento Firenze with the collaboration of Area magazine.