• Editoria e Architettura in Italia - Bookcity 2022

    On the occasion of Bookcity 2022, Park Associati is hosting the talk "Editoria e Architettura in Italia. Park dialoga con Stoà, Panteon e ARK". The presentation of the new issues of the three magazines Stoà, Panteon and ARK serves as a starting point for a discussion on the different editorial styles adopted by the magazines to talk about architecture throughout Italy, from north to south.

    Fabrizio Ballabio and Tommaso Brighenti of Stoà Journal
    Jacopo Costanzo and Riccardo Petrella of Panteon Magazine
    Davide Pagliarini and Jacopo Leveratto of ARK 

    Moderates Matteo Arietti – Head of Research and Architect, Park Associati

    The meeting will take place in person and live streamed on our YouTube channel and on our Instagram account. No reservation required.

    Thursday 17th November, 7 pm

    Park Hub, Via Garofalo 31, Milan

  • Park Associati wins the competition Palazzo Sistema for the new office buildings of Regione Lombardia

    We are proud to announce that Park Associati has won the competition for the new office buildings of Regione Lombardia.

    As well as representing an opportunity to create a new workplace for Regione Lombardia, Palazzo Sistema is also a starting point for an urban regeneration process of the entire district with the direct involvement of the community that will become its main user. Characterised by a strong urban feel, the building's emphasis is on its vertical dimension. The project’s focus is on the needs and well-being of man, also thanks to the widespread green of the park which, seeping through the building, becomes an essential element of its internal spaces at all levels.



    Architecture Project and Landscape Design: Park Associati
    MEP Project, lighting, fire prevention, acoustics: ESA Engineering
    Structural Project: Redesco Progetti
    Technical consultancy, geology, soil remediation, hydraulic invariance: Pro Iter Group

  • The project Cluster 1 is presented to the public

    Local identity and urban mending converge to create a place that generates opportunities and sharing. Cluster 1 will host a residence for around 700 students as part of the redevelopment of the former Falck Area in Sesto San Giovanni. The project will be presented on November 10th at 6 pm at the Sala Consiglio of the Comune di Sesto San Giovanni.

    Roberto Di Stefano, Sindaco del Comune di Sesto San Giovanni
    Antonio Lamiranda, Assessore all’Urbanistica del Comune di Sesto San Giovanni
    Carlo Valsecchi, Managing Director - Project & Constrcution of Hines Italy
    Luciano Carbone, CEO of Milanosesto S.p.A
    Michele Rossi, Founder Architect & Partner of Park Associati

    Find out more here
    Follow the conference live on Youtube here

    November 10th, 6 pm

    Sala Consiglio del Comune, Piazza della Resistenza 20, Sesto San Giovanni

  • Park Associati take part in the Urban Regeneration Forum ‘DESIGNING MILAN, for a responsible, polycentric and attractive city’.

    Michele Rossi will talk about MoLeCoLa, the masterplan designed by Park Associati for the redevelopment of the Bovisa district, during two events of the Urban Regeneration Forum organized by Comune di Milano:

    Saturday 5th November, 2.30 pm: “Bovisa Itinerary”, a guided itinerary to talk about the urban regeneration projects that will change the face of the neighborhood. Reservation required here.

    Monday 7th November, 5.30 pm at Triennale di Milano: “Responsible city”. Presentation of the projects MoLeCoLa, Green Between, Cascina Carpana, Cascina Case Nuove, Cohousing Base Gaia, Biblioteca Lorenteggio. With Giancarlo Tancredi, Emmanuel Grégoire, Lamberto Bertolé, Elena Grandi, Elena Lattuada, Cristina Paciello. Moderator: Davide Agazzi.

    See the full program of the Urban Regeneration Forum here.

  • Today Canali inaugurates its New York Flagship Store designed by Park Associati

    Canali inaugurates its new Flagship Store in Madison Avenue, New York.

    The project, designed by Park Associati, reflects the elegant nature of the fashion brand, while the introduction of minimal details imparts freshness and contemporaneity to the store.  Similar to the brand's distinguishing sartorial features, the materials associated with traditional architecture acquire their individuality and value through applied craftsmanship.

    During the opening, the Italian artist duo Goldschmied & Chiari will present Untitled Views, a body of works chosen by Canali that are displayed in the store. The boutique is transformed into a refined and unique gallery, as the artworks define an immersive journey that takes the visitor from outside to inside the store, creating a dialogue with the style and uniqueness of the brand.

    The body of work is composed of precious and evocative mirrored works that welcome the public into an imaginative, fluid, colorful environment, where dream, vision and landscape converge.

  • “100+1 Alberto Rosselli per Saporiti Italia” the show is open until October 30th at ADI Design Museum, Milano, curated by Federica Sala and designed by Martin Guixé.

    Conceived and organized by Saporiti Italia, the exhibition “100+1 Alberto Rosselli per Saporiti Italia” pays tribute to Jumbo, the iconic armchair designed in the 1960s by Alberto Rosselli, one of the masters of Italian and international design. Ten international design firms have been invited to reinterpret the chair in ten new colours. Inspired from the photographic work of Angelica Dass, Park Associati presents Skins of the World, using a colour palette that involves the nouances of the human skin beyond the standard vision of white, black, red and yellow.

  • “What is the role of humanities in architecture?”

    Matteo Arietti, Head of Research at Park Associati, answers this question in an interview by The Design Story, as he talks about humanities as an intangible part of architecture.

    “We need humanities to decode the process, nurture the culture, and nestle creativity to be effective problem solvers. We need to grow in our capacity to anticipate the needs of people, show that there are new functional ways of making their lives better and that architecture has mastered the art of preserving humanities. It is like connecting form and shape, history and culture come together in one scheme.”

    Watch the interview on YouTube or read it on The Design Story.

  • Luxottica Digital Factory on CASABELLA

    Park Associati’s project Luxottica Digital Factory is featured in the architecture magazine CASABELLA in the September issue focused on the theme ‘Refitting’.

    The project, located in Milan, is an intervention of industrial architectural restoration aimed at accommodating the Digital Factory of Luxottica, a world leader in the eyewear market. Thanks to Park Associati's retrofitting intervention, in collaboration with storagemilano, the complex becomes an open and flexible container where history, change and creativity find the ideal convergence ground. Paying the greatest attention to quality, using technologically innovative materials and seeking cutting-edge architectural solutions are the Digital Factory project’s focal points.

    CASABELLA 937, year LXXXVI / September 2022

    To find out more, click here.