• Park Associati participates in Build with 'Hempcrete Workshop' at the Casa da Arquitectura in Porto

    Park Associati has been invited to participate in the second edition of Build with 'Hempcrete Workshop', to be held on 13th and 14th September at the Casa da Arquitectura in Porto.

    Build is an international conference promoting new design and construction approaches that demonstrate how the environmental impact of buildings can be reduced applying existing technology.

    The two-day workshop, organized by Park Associati with the support of Natura Matéria, aims to explore hemp block technology and build an architectural installation using this material. In the first session, under the guidance of César Cardoso of Natura Matéria, students will understand how hempcrete is produced and why such a low-tech material could be an innovative resource for the future construction industry. The second session will be dedicated to the direct application of the material: students and tutors will focus on using hempcrete blocks to make Tatu, a small outdoor pavilion designed by Park Associati to be placed inside the courtyard of the Casa da Arquitectura.


    13th and 14th September
    Casa da Arquitecura, Porto

  • Park Associati participates in the architecture interview series 'Conversazioni di Valore' - podcast

    Filippo Pagliani has been invited by Paolo Gasparoli to participate in the architecture interview series Conversazioni di Valore, a dialogue focused on the topics of architecture and restoration, preservation and innovation in the built environment.

    Listen to the podcast on all audio streaming platforms, click here.

  • Park Stage - Archivio Tipografico

    Park Associati invites Archivio Tipografico to tell us how to preserve and reinterpret the artisanal tradition of movable type composition and typography printing, today better known by the English term 'letterpress’. Archivio Tipografico was born during the early 2000s as a collection of typographic machinery, movable type, and rare books on graphic design and typography. An active and collaborative working space that naturally works as a bridge, linking different generations of typographers and designers, fostering the development of artistic and commercial projects. It includes Studio 23.56 the graphic and type design studio working with, for and within Archivio Tipografico.

    11th October, from 6.30 pm to 8 pm
    Park Hub, Via Garofalo 31, Milan

  • Park Stage - Arturo Tedeschi

    Park Associati invites Arturo Tedeschi (Architect and Computational Designer) to tell us about his significant experience in the field of artificial intelligence with a talk entitled The AI plot twist – an opportunity for discussion and reflection on the rapid evolution of artificial intelligence and its possible implications.

    Tedeschi authored the book 'AAD Algorithms-Aided Design', and since 2011 he has promoted and directed several events and workshops that have trained students and professionals. As a consultant he has collaborated with world-renowned brands and practices, providing services related to algorithmic modelling, complex geometry, digital fabrication, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and data-driven design.


    18th July, 6.30 pm to 8 pm
    ParkHub, Via Garofalo 31, Milan

  • Anatomy of Public Space: A Multidisciplinary Perspective - Milano Arch Week 2023

    On the occasion of Milano Arch Week 2023, Park Associati Anatomy of Public Space: A Multidisciplinary Perspective developed together with LAND Research Lab® and Transform Transport. A joint research project that aims to study public space from the different perspectives of the three components of the working group: architecture, landscape, and mobility. The talk will be held in english.

    Matteo Arietti - Head of Research di Park Associati
    Zayneb Kadiri - Communications Manager at Transform Transport
    Lamia Abdelfattah - Senior Researcher at Transform Transport
    Andrea Balestrini - Head of LAND Research Lab

    Moderates da Luisa Bravo - Founder & Curator Museo dello Spazio Pubblico.

    The meeting will take place in person and live streamed on our YouTube channel and on our Instagram account. Register here.

    8th June, 6.30 pm
    Park Hub, Via Garofalo 31, Milan

  • Park Associati participates with a double location to the Open House Milano weekend on Saturday, May 13th

    Park Associati will open the doors of the studio on Saturday 13th May, from 10 am to 6 pm. Architects and collaborators will guide the public on a specific tour, focusing on the design’s approach, activities, materials and people through a multimedia exhibition path.
    Free entrance, reservation required.
    Book your visit here.

    13th May, h 10am – 6pm
    Via Garofalo 31, Milan


    Saturday, 13th May, on the occasion of Open House Milano, the new Open 336 office building designed by Park Associati will be open to the public. Our architects will talk about the development of this project, which is a contemporary reinterpretation of the archetypal buildings of the former industrial district where it is located.
    Free entrance, reservation required.
    Book your visit here.

    13th May, h 10am – 6pm
    Viale Sarca 336, Milan

  • Park Associati takes part in the exhibition “Anime a Colori” organized by Associazione Mercurio at ADI Design Museum

    Park Associati is participating in the "Anime a Colori" exhibition curated by Giulio Iacchetti, Lorenzo Palmeri and Matteo Ragni, scheduled at ADI Design Museum from May 16th to 21st.

    Michele Rossi and Filippo Pagliani have created two works for the occasion that will be awarded through a charity auction on May 16th. The proceeds will be donated to support Associazione Mercurio's educational project 'La palestra delle emozioni,' dedicated to pre-teens.

    17th – 21st May, from 10 am to 8 pm
    ADI Design Museum, Piazza Compasso d’Oro 1, Milan

  • Michele Rossi’s drawings go on show as part of the event ‘Disegno come fondamento. L'architetto non è l'artista’

    Michele Rossi, Co-Founding Partner of Park Associati, is taking part in the project ‘Disegno come fondamento’, conceived by ACE in collaboration with Collezione Ramo, based on the idea of drawing as a point of origin and intersection between art, design and creativity.

    Wednesday, 3rd May, as part of the event titled for this first edition ‘L'architetto non è l'artista’ held at Studio ACE, nine drawings by Michele Rossi will be exhibited; the author will present his personal idea of drawing in a talk led by Irina Zucca Alessandrelli, curator of the Ramo Collection.