• Milano Design Week 2024 - Park Associati collaborates with MoscaPartners

    For the Milan Design Week 2024, MoscaPartners entrusted Park Associati with the design of an exhibition solution for the new location of Design Variations, a garage located in Milan's historic Darsena area. The Hemp_scape project focuses on the intelligent reuse of building materials and is characterised by an articulation of spaces through partition walls made of dry-laid hemp cement bricks. It is an exhibition design that looks to innovation and environmental responsibility, enhances the architectural volume that houses it by creating fluid and flexible spaces and, at the same time, is capable of giving a strong overall identity to the Design Variations exhibition.

    14th- 21 th April
    Design Variations 2024 by MoscaPartners
    Garage, Viale Gorizia 14, Milano

  • Milano Design Week 2024 - Johanna Seelemann x Park Associati

    Park Associati presents Micrographia – Redesign for Biodiversity, a set of three experimental works by the multidisciplinary design studio Johanna Seelemann, designed and created by invitation and with the production supervision of Park Associati thanks to the collaboration of Ricehouse, Arche3d, Primat and with the scientific support of Vivaio Bicocca. The installation can be viewed at the Park Hub space from 16th to 21st April 2024, on the occasion of the Milan Design Week.

    Opening: 16th april, 7 pm - 10 pm
    Exhibition: 16th april/ 21st april, 12 pm - 7 pm

    Park Hub, Via Garofalo 31, Milano

  • Talking about Urban Mining with ARUP London

    Matteo Arietti, Head of Research at Park Associati, has been invited by ARUP London to join a private lecture alongside Laura Wagner, Associate at 3XN/GXN. They will be delving into the realm of Adaptive Reuse, one of Park Plus’ key topics. Matteo will shine a spotlight on Park's groundbreaking research on Urban Mining, with insights into MI.C., an innovative urban regeneration project next to Milano Centrale. Urban Mining entails the vital process of salvaging and repurposing materials from urban environments, be it from buildings, infrastructure, or outdated consumer products. This approach not only addresses waste management but also champions architecture's role in fostering a sustainable future through the principles of a circular economy.

    More information are available here.

  • Park Stage - Irina Zucca Alessandrelli

    Park Associati invites Irina Zucca Alessandrelli, the curator of Collezione Ramo since 2013, to explain us what it means being the curator of a unique and important collection in Italy. She is the curator of the Milano Drawing Week and the section Disegni for Artissima fair in Turin. Collezione Ramo is based in Milan and traces the history of Italian art from the beginning of the last century to the present day through drawing. It was created to promote the culture of drawing, still little considered by many.

    23rd January 2024, from 6.30 pm to 8 pm
    Park Hub, Via Garofalo 31, Milan

  • Park Associati participates in the launch of the luxurious Alpine residences “La Vetta”

    Caterina Steiner, Project Leader at Park Associati, will take part in the event Andermatt, a vision for Swiss Alpine living on the occasion of the exclusive launch of the luxurious Alpine residences “La Vetta” located in Andermatt, whose interior design was designed by Park Associati.

    The interior design is inspired by Italian Alpine architectures from the mid-last centur, from Carlo Mollino to Edoardo Gellner. By combining tradition and modernity, traditional Alpine architectural styles were adapted to a contemporary context by integrating modern and functional design elements.

    More information about the project here.

    November 23th at 6 pm
    Colombo La Famiglia, Seestrasse 9, 8702 Zollikon

  • Cartha. New Perspectives between publishing and architecture - Bookcity 2023

    For the occasion of Bookcity 2023, Park Associati hosts Cartha, an editorial platform aimed at fostering critical discussion on architecture and society through online essays, events, and print publications. Cartha. New Perspectives between publishing and architecture consists of an installation and a talk.

    Rubén Valdez – Member of Cartha’s Editorial Board
    Guido Tesio – ganko
    Luigi Savio – (ab)Normal
    Parasite 2.0

    Moderated by Michele Versaci – Strategy and Proposal Coordinator, Park Associati

    The event will be held in person and live streamed on our Instagram page. No booking is necessary. The talk will be in Italian.

    Thursday 16th November, 6.30 pm
    Park Hub, via Garofalo 31, Milano

  • Park Associati participates in the 5th Pisa Biennale

    Park Associati has been invited to participate in the fifth edition of the Pisa Architectural Biennale with the MI.C project. The exhibition will feature a model of the project produced by Park Lab.

    MI.C is an urban design, landscape and architecture project that aims to regenerate the polarity of the Stazione Centrale. The intervention creates a new architectural complex and will include a series of interventions in Piazza Luigi di Savoia, conceived as connectors to its urban fabric.

    13th- 29th October
    Biennale di Architettura di Pisa, Italy

  • Park Associati participates in Build with 'Hempcrete Workshop' at the Casa da Arquitectura in Porto

    Park Associati has been invited to participate in the second edition of Build with 'Hempcrete Workshop', to be held on 13th and 14th September at the Casa da Arquitectura in Porto.

    Build is an international conference promoting new design and construction approaches that demonstrate how the environmental impact of buildings can be reduced applying existing technology.

    The two-day workshop, organized by Park Associati with the support of Natura Matéria, aims to explore hemp block technology and build an architectural installation using this material. In the first session, under the guidance of César Cardoso of Natura Matéria, students will understand how hempcrete is produced and why such a low-tech material could be an innovative resource for the future construction industry. The second session will be dedicated to the direct application of the material: students and tutors will focus on using hempcrete blocks to make Tatu, a small outdoor pavilion designed by Park Associati to be placed inside the courtyard of the Casa da Arquitectura.


    13th and 14th September
    Casa da Arquitecura, Porto