• Park Associati take part in the Urban Regeneration Forum ‘DESIGNING MILAN, for a responsible, polycentric and attractive city’.

    Michele Rossi will talk about MoLeCoLa, the masterplan designed by Park Associati for the redevelopment of the Bovisa district, during two events of the Urban Regeneration Forum organized by Comune di Milano:

    Saturday 5th November, 2.30 pm: “Bovisa Itinerary”, a guided itinerary to talk about the urban regeneration projects that will change the face of the neighborhood. Reservation required here.

    Monday 7th November, 5.30 pm at Triennale di Milano: “Responsible city”. Presentation of the projects MoLeCoLa, Green Between, Cascina Carpana, Cascina Case Nuove, Cohousing Base Gaia, Biblioteca Lorenteggio. With Giancarlo Tancredi, Emmanuel Grégoire, Lamberto Bertolé, Elena Grandi, Elena Lattuada, Cristina Paciello. Moderator: Davide Agazzi.

    See the full program of the Urban Regeneration Forum here.

  • Architetture degli spazi di lavoro. Park Associati and Nemesi in conversation

    On 30th June, from 18.00 to 22.00, the Ordine e Fondazione degli Architetti of Milan will host a meeting between Nemesi and Park Associati on workspace architecture. The meeting is an opportunity to reflect on the transformation of office spaces during the pandemic and the changes that have taken place, the relationship between these places and the city, remote work and the open air office. Park Associati's intervention will focus on three recent or ongoing projects: Accenture People Hub, Luxottica Digital Factory and MI.C.

    The meeting is introduced by Nicola Russi, associate professor at the Politecnico di Torino and partner of Laboratorio Permanente. The moderators are Donatella Bollani and Claudio Nelli.

    Participation is free both in person and via webinar. To register click here

  • Park Associati present the MI.C project at the Tall Buildings conference

    The eleventh edition of the international Tall Buildings conference, sponsored by the Iuav Venezia and the Politecnico Milano, will be held on Wednesday 22nd June at the Triennale di Milano.

    Moderated by Aldo Norsa and Dario Trabucco, the conference brings together designers, administrators and investors to present the current design developments both in Milan and internationally with a focus on techniques and new research related to the environmental and social sustainability needs that will characterise the coming years. Park Associati will present the MI.C urban regeneration project for Piazza Luigi di Savoia and the construction of a new office tower in place of the former Michelangelo hotel.


    22nd June 2022, Milan, Salone d 'Onore Triennale Milano, 9.30 am - 6 pm

    For the programme and the registration: click here

  • Contemporary architecture meets the Alpine landscape: the example of Salewa Headquarters

    Punti di vista (Points of view) is the theme of the second edition of the Courmayeur Design Weekend, which takes place from 10th to 13th March offering a programme of meetings, exhibitions and sporting events that will involve architects, designers and design practices.

    For the series of meetings with architects and designers curated by Giorgio Tartaro, on Saturday 12th March Michele Rossi will be presenting the Salewa Headquarters project of Bolzano as an example of successful integration of and interaction between architecture, innovative work environment, sustainable technologies and natural environment.

    Saturday 12th March at 5.30 pm

    Chalet de tendence, Courmayeur

  • DIREZIONI. New relationship between architecture and environment.

    This year’s second edition of the CirculAr Master of the University of Camerino proposes approaches, methodologies and tools focused on the circularity of the processes of transformation of the built environment. The meeting between CirculAr and Park Plus and the sharing of their mutual experiences represent an opportunity to make forward-looking yet tangible reflections on the contribution architectural culture can offer within the context of ecological transition.

    Università di Camerino, Scuola di Architettura e Design, Thursday 10th March at 10 am.

    Click here to partecipate

  • “Il futuro sostenibile viene dal passato”, TED Circle curated by TEDxBrianza and Theatro

    This debate saw a group of selected designers reflect on the practical approach architecture must adopt to build a sustainable future from a collective and universal angle, integrating past culture and future technology.

    Elisa Taddei, Associate at Park, underlined the importance of experimentation and research in bringing clients to open their mind to new materials and construction methods, in view of creating buildings that are both dynamic and sustainable that can follow change also in terms of space accessibility.

  • Architect, what does it mean?

    Elena Ghetti, Park Associati’s Project Leader, has been invited by Professor Marta dell’Ovo of the Politecnico di Milano to tell of her experience after graduating from university, at the first lesson of the course Economic Evaluation of projects.

    Elena and the other lecturer will give testimony of the several career and professional perspectives that a degree in architecture can open, beyond architecture.

    Illustration by @okbruttini

  • Park Associati talk in the podcast series All Good Vibes, curated by Iris Ceramica Group, on Floornature, the online magazine featuring contemporary architecture and product design.

    Filippo Pagliani and Michele Rossi, partner and co-founder of Park Associati are the guests of the recent appointment with All Good Vibes Podcast. From renovation of post war buildings to hybrid residential buildings, multifunctional retail and urban planning to the research and innovation activity of the studio, Filippo and Michele reflect about past, present and future role of design in a long and unconventional interview.

    Here the episode!