• Park Materials: Unexpected Solutions

    As per the invitation by the Architecture Department of the Bezalel Academy of Architecture and Design of Jerusalem, Park Associati presents the project of the Materials Library of the studio in an online conference titled: Park Materials: Unexpected Solutions. The organization of the materials library, the research of the architecture and interior design materials, and the integration with the work of the design teams, are some of the topics of the lecture, which is curated by the architects Simone Negrisolo and Irene Seracca Guerrieri.

    Thuesday 14th December at 1 pm

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  • Il progetto al centro - The workshop on the future of design, where design strategy looks to the future and becomes socially responsible

    Creating a workshop on future construction means investigating the quality of design opportunities and individual contexts, giving due consideration to global market opportunities, as well as placing design at the core of the social debate.

    Michele Rossi tackles the possibilities of innovative design in terms of responsibility to the territory, the landscape and above all the people who will be involved in a project, in the round table debate ‘Il progetto al centro’, as part of ‘The Place to build’, a series of meetings organised by Agorà Activities for MADE EXPO 2021 in Milan.
    Moderated by Carla De Meo.

    Thursday 25th November at 11 am

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  • La Sostenibilità e la Materia - Rethinking the concept of sustainable material without preconceptions, but weighing its impact.

    Research and the choice of materials in building design can no longer comply with deep-rooted preconceptions and dogmatic logic. Materials that are as different as wood, ceramic, glass, aluminium possess qualities and potential that can and must be expressed in different ways, weighing up their global impact.

    Michele Rossi and Michele Versaci take part in a round table discussion for the series of meetings 'The Place to build' organised by Agorà Activities as part of MADE EXPO 2021 in Milan.
    Moderated by Carla De Meo.

    Monday 22nd November at 3 pm.

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  • Italian Best Practice

    The designers invited to “Comunità resilienti”, the italian pavilion at the Biennale Architettura di Venezia meet for the online panel discussion “Italian Best Practice”, moderated by the pavilion curator Gianluigi Melis.

    The discussion focuses the architectural experiences and their potential to enhance the relationship between communities and territory. Park Associati presents “Catania faces the sea”, the redesign of the waterfront of Catania, displayed in the italian pavilion.

    Wednesday 10th November, live streaming from 2.30 pm to 4.30 pm.

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  • ArchInTrend

    Filippo Pagliani talks with Siumona Finessi for the online conference cycle ArchInTrend, organized by Platform Magazine in collaboration with MADE EXPO.

    Talking about projects to be realized, the focus is MoLeCoLa Masterplan, winning project of Reinventing Cities competition for the regeneration of the Nodo Bovisa in Milan.

    Monday 8th November, live streaming at 7 pm.

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  • Anabata Talks e-Series 2021 “Transformation”

    Transformation as a process that changes our life and the life of the environment we live in is the subject of the annual lectures organised by Anabata, the international architecture and design platform, which will be held online from 28th to 20th October. Park Associati is taking part with a lecture by Michele Rossi titles ‘Method over Style: how to reach a fully multidisciplinary architectural approach’, which introduces the practice’s approach to design based on collaboration with other disciplines, particularly for the realisation of the new urban masterplans.

    Thursday 28th October, live streaming at 4 pm.

  • The 15-minute city − urban regeneration and the role of hospitality

    Michele Rossi is one of the speakers of the conference and round table discussion that will be held on 28th October at the Hotel Concorde in Milan. The recently-refurbished hotel is located in the NOLO neighbourhood, one of the areas that, in the last years, have been the object of significant transformation. Park Associati’s intervention focuses on Bovisa, another Milanese neighbourhood that will be the object of complete regeneration, thanks to the MoLeCoLa masterplan with which the practice has recently won the Reinventing Cities competition. The project recreates and renews the relationships of flow, work and daily life of the neighbourhood, opening its passages towards the city and within the area.

    Thursday 28th October, Hotel Concorde, Milan at 6.30 pm.

  • The role of student residences in the new urban models

    Michele Rossi will be a speaker at the online conference ‘Student Housing − real estate value and social impact of investments in residences for students’ organised by CDV Conference Management. The sixth edition of the conference examines emerging real estate dynamics and the evolution of the student housing’s layout, placing them within the wider scenario of territorial government.

    The multidisciplinary approach to planning residences for students and their role within the changing urban  context will be the main themes of Michele’s intervention, with a specific focus on the project of the former Consorzio Agrario and the masterplan for the Bovisa area.

    Thursday 21st October, live streaming from 9 am to 1 pm.

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