An energy sustainable office building set among tropical green

Park Associati designes a new office complex at the intersection between the Porta Nuova business district and the highly identifiable Isola district in Milan.

Consisting of two volumes of different height, the project respects the city's soul, at the same time projecting into its increasingly dynamic future. The two bodies of the building interact with the surrounding urban fabrics: while the lower rear volume engages with the façades of the adjacent buildings, the higher slightly curved one engages with the towers of Porta Nuova and has a direct view over the Biblioteca degli Alberi.

The geometric curvatures form a square overlooking the intersection, an urban empty space welcoming visitors to the building. The Green Void, the volume connecting the two bodies that is the core of the intervention, emphasises the concept of emptiness and lightness. Completely transparent, it enjoys natural zenith light and houses the scenic staircase that unites the buildings' floors. The exotic botanical world of the public square that is echoed here turns the Green Void into a multi-level winter garden, where the lush tropical nature can be marvelled at. An element of connection between interior and exterior, this original space guarantees well-being to future users.

The building enclosure was designed to contribute to the intervention's sustainability by promoting the production of energy. Two thirds of the glazed façades are transparent, while the rest is made of opaque frosted glass which includes a photovoltaic element. Thanks to the dynamic arrangement of the slats, sunlight and protection can be balanced at different times during the day.

  • Info
    • Location
    • Client
      Angelo Gordon
    • Status
      In Progress
    • Area
      8345 m²
    • Design team
      Filippo Pagliani, Michele Rossi Alessandro Rossi (Project Director) Matteo Arietti, Corrado Collura, Beatrice Tosini, Ana Hebborn, Margherita Piccin, Alberto Ficele, Nicola Colella, Irene Ricciardi, Simone Negrisolo, Marianna Merisi (Landscape) Marinella Ferrari (Graphics) Antonio Cavallo, Xhensila Ogreni, Stefano Venegoni (Visualizations)

Viz by Park Associati, Photos by Nicola Colella
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