Pedrali Collaborative Space

The office extension at Pedrali Headquarters creates a dynamic and contemporary workspace, a functional mix of work and representative areas

After realising the company restaurant project last year, Park Associati was commissioned by Pedrali to design the enlargement of their Headquarters’ offices in Monrico al Serio (BG). The intervention focused on the first floor of an existing pavilion and the stairwell/lift well accessing it from the ground floor.


The brief's focus was designing a dynamic and contemporary workspace aimed at representing corporate values with an innovative layout that would take into account the working comfort of the people who would eventually inhabit those spaces. A functional mix of work areas and show rooms was required, which included operational offices as well as a space that could showcase the design care that goes into Pedrali furniture products to potential customers.

  • Info
    • Location
      Mornico al Serio (BG)
    • Client
      Pedrali Spa
    • Status
    • Year
    • Area
      560 m²
    • Design team
      Founding Partners: Filippo Pagliani, Michele Rossi Project Director: Davide Viganò Project Leader: Caterina Steiner Architects: Costanza Croce, Andrea Delvecchio, Irene Seracca Guerrieri, Marco Sorrentino

The layout was configured as a stage where operational work and product display could overlap harmoniously and seamlessly; a neutral container was thus created where the furnishings – the true protagonists of the scene – could find freedom of expression.


The project envisages versatile, flexible, modular and reconfigurable workspaces. Versatility is expressed through distinct areas which, depending on the context of use, can effectively respond to the needs of those who will utilise those spaces.


The 560 square-metre area comprises some thirty workstations, three meeting rooms and a large convivial table that also serves as a space for breaks or informal meetings, as well as a cosier ‘phone booth’ area, featuring sofas with a high comfortable backrest. The fluid shared spaces are diversified for multiple and simultaneous activities.

Inside this neutral ‘container’, the stairwell overlooking a double-height access area becomes the defining element of the space, thanks to carefully-studied surfaces and the use of colour. The leitmotiv, a 'terracotta red‘ casing, is a reminder of the project of the restaurant, which is located in another building of the Headquarters.

The natural oak used for the entire flooring of the office area also covers the staircase ramps, a radiating floating floor made of wooden panels.


The materials chosen are characterised by innovative production processes, while the products guarantee maximum working and living comfort. Particular attention was paid to sound insulation, a sensitive issue in a working open-space.

Running along the entire perimeter of the architectural space – both the glazed and the masonry walls – a system of acoustic curtains offers soundproofing and sunlight management, as well as creating unity and contributing to the perception of a neutral, uniform envelope. The utilities supply systems on the ceiling were left exposed, and work areas are defined by the lighting system and acoustic panels on rails.


With the exception of the 'terracotta red' stairwell, the neutral tone of this ‘container’ is enlivened by the bright tones of the furnishings, which were chosen together with the client.

Photo by: Nicola Colella
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