Salewa Bivac

A transparent pavilion houses a bar and a restaurant for climbing enthusiasts

The Bivac bistrot   is located in the space in front of the entrance to the rock gym at the Salewa complex. This small, independent building, partially set underground, uses a restricted palette of simple materials that allude to the client’s highly sensitive appach to the environment.

The roof is green and becomes a single entity with the adjacent hillside. The vertical opaque parts, in exposed concrete, are embraced by large windows from the bar area on the west side of the building. The interior is developed as an open-planned layout that houses a bar-area and restaurant. Everything revolves around the block in reinforced concrete that encloses the small kitchen. 

The glazed walls that run along the south and west sides face onto an external restaurant area covered by a pergola and edged by two pools of water that insert the design into the landscape, making it particularly pleasant place to sit outdoors in this part of the building in direct communication with the  Salewa Headquarters’ building.

Photo by: Andrea Martiradonna
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