La Vetta

An interior design project inspired by Italian alpine architecture of the middle of the last century that creates environments where tradition and contemporaneity blend into a simple style. 

The new La Vetta residential building is part of a large real estate development in Andermatt, a ski resort in the heart of the Swiss Alpine passes, and is the result of a collaboration between the Zurich studio Slik Architekten and Park Associati, which were involved in the design of its interiors.

A reflection on the cultural common thread between traditional Italian and Swiss Alpine architectures, the project studied their distinguishing construction methods and materials – patterns and colours – interpreting them with a contemporary twist.

The architectures of Carlo Mollino and Edoardo Gellner are the inspiration for the design of the interiors, which are interpreted and redesigned through a combination of tradition and modernity, an adaptation of traditional architectural styles to today's context, and the integration of modern and functional design elements.

  • Info
    • Location
      Andermatt (CH)
    • Client
      Andermatt Swiss Alps
    • Status
      In Progress
    • Area
      2500 m²
    • Design team
      Founding Partners: Filippo Pagliani, Michele Rossi Project Director: Davide Viganò Project Leader: Caterina Steiner Architect: Andrea Delvecchio Visualizer: Fabio Calciati FF&e: Alice Cuteri

The carefully chosen materials based on qualitative and physical as well as aesthetic considerations, the study of three-colour palettes inspired by alpine vegetation and the design of custom-made furnishing elements create harmonious, sophisticated environments that blend a typically alpine atmosphere with the iconic shapes of great Italian design.

Wood, used for both flooring and panelling, is curved to smooth wall corners, thus creating unexpectedly soft, fluid spaces. Choosing the right type of wood and finish takes into account climatic as well as aesthetic factors.

All fixed furnishings – from bedroom storage to the kitchen units – were designed, as were the products – both furnishings and accessories – that convey the value of Italian craftsmanship, the quality of materials and attention to detail. The attention paid to every project's detail also covered the choice of furnishing elements, from textiles to accessories, which are refined and joyful icons and a reference to the history of Italian design.

The building's ground floor was reserved for communal areas, and features full-height doors and windows that emphasise and expand the spaces, putting them in direct contact with the context of the new village.

The Ski Room and Bike Room are characterized by a high-tech contemporary touch through the use of materials such as steel and the rubber-coated non-slip flooring. Functionality does not however impair the aesthetic impact of these spaces, which are both technical and elegant, and feature wood-panelled walls that soften the perception of the environments. In the Fitness and Spa areas, on the other hand, a local Swiss stone was used for walls and floors to define a homogeneous and enveloping casing, completed by a ceiling coated with oak wood slats that generates a relaxing atmosphere.

Viz by: Fabio Calciati, Render Vision
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