La Serenissima Hall

Permeability and texture reconnect the building with the groundfloor

The restyling involves the ground floor of the La Serenissima building, which comprises the space of the portico leading to the internal courtyard and the two reception areas located on its sides. Focusing on the greatest permeability and on a careful choice of materials aimed at promoting interaction with the architecture colours and texture, the project recreates a visual and conceptual connection between the communal spaces and the building's architecture and garden.

The redevelopment aims to give continuity to the intervention carried out on the building by Park Associati in 2012 by enriching and giving character to the ground floor and enhancing its valuable elements, such as the visual access to the garden, a key element this project.

Reducing the dividing lines creates a visual connection that transforms the ground floor space into a single environment that is stylistically linked to the building thus reinforcing its character.

Recalling the texture of the internal courtyard’s cobblestones, a new black seminato flooring runs through the three environments, with a unified aesthetic result.

Thanks to the new lighting, the portico that divides the two halls is turned from a simple passageway into a living space. The exposed steel structure of the slab is enhanced by linear lighting, while the corrugated sheet metal sections are lit up by grazing light, turning them into a decorative feature that embellishes the area and illuminates the portico with indirect light. 

The two reception areas' interiors acquire a strong character through the use of materials and lighting. By removing the unnecessary elements in these two areas, the geometries of the counters, the lifts and the seats are enhanced. Thanks to the use of warm materials, particularly a wooden strip panelling that contrasts with the technological component of the pleated aluminium in embossed champagne galvanic colour, the vertical surfaces take on a distinctive character.

The desks of the two reception areas and the scenic staircase in the hall at number 27 become the protagonists of this space thanks to a skilful use of statuary marble, which establishes a refined interaction with the coverings and the false ceilings crossed by long linear lights that echo the spacing of the pillars, once again underlining the building's geometries.

  • Info
    • Location
    • Client
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    • Year
    • Area
      240 m²
    • Design team
      Filippo Pagliani, Michele Rossi Davide Viganò (Project Director) Aysecan Ertin, Davide Perin Antonio Cavallo, Stefano Venegoni (Visualizations)

Construction site - June 2021

Photo by: Nicola Colella
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