Darkness and Light - Dressing room 2

Black depicts the boundary between reality and enactment. Light reveals their coexistence within the theatre.

A theatre's dressing room is a place that absorbs and reflects.

It absorbs an actor's concentration and tension before going on stage, it witnesses the metamorphosis created by make-up and dressing and it welcomes confidences, quips, anxiety and liberation.

This environment can offer different sensations thanks to the varied treatment of its surfaces.

The black colour accentuates the need to concentrate, the soft, comfortable floor is ideal for walking barefoot. The wall is covered with small sound-absorbing panels that create a texture, absorb sounds and interact with the mineral qualities of the painted walls. The metallic sheen of the false ceiling and the curtains' weave contrasts and completes the range of materials.

The light fixtures soften the darkness, welcoming after-show guests and comments − a reminder of theatre’s ancient popular origins.

The dressing room acts as a border line between reality and enactment, the beginning and the end of a hero's journey, darkness and light.

This intimate and somewhat enchanted place was created with the collaboration of major Italian design companies and newer artisanal companies.

The perfectly harmonised team work was experienced as the rehearsal of an orchestra or an ensemble which, thanks to the contribution of each member, eventually manages to find the right register and harmony.

In collaboration with: Aresi, Atena – Innovative architectural solution, CP Elettrica, Dooor, Eco Contract, Immenso – Luce d’autore, Iris Ceramica Group, Laufen, Lualdi, Mille997, Milleforma, Novacolor, Olivari, Parisi, Quadro Design, Tekhne, Tonelli Design

Photo by: Nicola Colella
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