Cantone House

A hayloft from the early twentieth century in Val Tidone converted into a large country house with pronounced contemporary touches

With its simple masonry ar­chitecture, the building produces an interesting contrast with the modernly ‑styled interior, which uses local materials such as wood, stone and cotto. Even the rural 'classicality' of the brickwork takes on a new attire, and becomes a sort of background texture against which different ideas and elements can be set.

The rooms are interconnected and unfold thanks to a series of staircases using different materials and having different shapes and sizes: from the one in raw wood to the one in stone and cotto which has a great visual impact. In addition to their connecting function, the staircases organise and describe the interior space. Local and salvaged materials are flanked by an innovative selection of technological solutions, from the in­sulation system, supplemented by natural ventilation systems, to a complex set of ovens and fireplaces, adding up to a climate control system, fully integrated into the building, which is able to ensure idea[ living conditions in this country home in every season.

On the ground floor, occupying a central position relative to the perimeter of the house, we find a great entrance hall, giving access to a very spacious kitchen on one side and ‑ via a staircase ‑ to a bedroom and a bathroom on the other. From the kitchen a flight of steps goes to the first floor, reaching the heart of a living room which looks onto the exterior landscape. On the opposite side we find three bedrooms and two bathrooms and a staircase going to the top floor, consisting of two more bedrooms, a bathroom and a study. The prevailing colours are grey, white and brick red; the surfaces of the materials are raw or glossy. Countless interior vistas propose continuous theme variations, making the environment simple and at the same time complex.

  • Info
    • Location
      Cantone (PC)
    • Client
      Cliente privato
    • Status
    • Year
    • Area
      650 m²
    • Design team
      Filippo Pagliani, Michele Rossi Beatrice Borasi, Denise Houx

Photo by: Andrea Martiradonna, Pietro Pisoni
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