24th November / 1st December 2021

Park Hub, Via Garofalo 31, Milan

Park Hub is hosting the exhibition of the Cesura group, a collective of photographers that has been creating independent projects since 2008, with the aim of following a univocal direction in terms of both style and content.

The works of the Paesaggio Urbano exhibition portray utopian and inevitable visions of urbanisation and the contrasting, clashing relationship between landscape and humanity − all these representations of the present being part of the great debate on our future experience of the city.

Alex Majoli writes:

‘Around the 1970s, Ettore Sottsass created with his partner Eulàlia Grau a series called ’designs for the destiny of man’. Rather than drawings, these were photographs taken in nature with the aim of creating a moral metaphorical journey through which the couple questioned architecture, design and the capitalist system starting from man’s relationship with nature, space and his real needs.
Now as then and, I believe, in the same way, the Cesura collective keeps challenging itself every day with the same questions. In this new exhibition by the collective, the reverberation of the stones and reeds built by Ettore above streams or overhanging canyons and lakes is redefined through the same metaphor in the walls of this ‘Urban Landscape’ that becomes a ‘Human Landscape’.