March 21 / April 05 2019

Park Hub, Via Garofalo 31, Milano

Costruito ad Arte, opens on 21st March, 2019, on the eve of Milan’s Art Week, which will open with MIA, the photography fair, and will continue with Miart, the annual event dedicated to modern and contemporary art.

“A project of artistic personal exploration that goes beyond professional practice. The idea is to shoot photos free from the descriptive constraints required when I work, to let an interpretation of geometries and lights emerge in the manner of my graphic form. ”

Andrea Martiradonna

Park Hub is pleased to host the solo exhibition of Andrea Martiradonna. The exhibition displays 28 photographic images of views, details, sights of some new buildings in Milan, a city in full architectural transformation. The shots capture essential fragments of architectural structures to express their entirety and, at the same time, tell the contemporary city’s tale.
Hung directly onto the wall, the black and white photographs, printed on special Japanese paper, make up a compact, geometric story on the entire wall where they are grouped. A 3-metre long table with a few seats, positioned in front of the images, displays two other large images and some information on the buildings that are the photographs’ subjects.

Francesco De Agostini, who has followed the photographic project from its onset, talks about the project’s evolution:
“About a year ago, I was talking with Andrea in his beautiful house, and we came up with the idea of going together to take a look at some buildings. In addition to being more or less recent constructions by designers whom he mostly did not know, thanks to their composition, their location or their material, these buildings could provoke some sort of tension. This did not necessarily mean they were beautiful. In short, a walk from one architectural structure to another that promised to be fun and intense through the streets of our beloved city, Milan.
The result was a work that, more than analysing or describing, synthesized views and lights. Points of view at walking pace, where the verticality of forms often prevailed. Andrea’s eye is a happy eye that calls us to order, drawing our attention to the well-known skillful, rigorous and magnificent play of volumes under the light and to the presence of myth. Those of us who look at buildings with the eyes of builders looking for god in the detail, to quote the masters, sometimes happen to lose sight of architecture as a phenomenon that can arouse emotion, outside of and beyond construction problems. Construction is meant to keep things up, architecture is meant to move.
So this is an evocative rather than a descriptive look, as Andrea says, that however reminds us effectively of the main reasons beyond our skillful construction. In short, more than telling a story, these images arouse emotions, and it is precisely for this reason that they are extremely effective in conveying the seemingly simple necessary meaning of doing, which – when it works – summarizes the designed object in a flash.”


The exhibition is organised thanks to the valuable support of CARRON Costruzioni Generali