Scalo Lambrate - Scintilla

A masterplan that accelerate urban and social regeneration of a whole district

The Scintilla proposal meets the ten challenges set by the international competition promoted by C40 Reinventing Cities competition to transform degraded sites into environmental and urban regeneration areas.

Scintilla (spark) evokes the primary element of an explosive action, a creative inspiration, an enlightened idea, a regeneration accelerator. Similarly, the proposal aims to activate a regeneration process that goes beyond the perimeter of the site by reactivating the entire surrounding neighborhood. The Lambrate area is now a uneven urban fabric halfway between the memory of an industrial past and the transition to a new housing prospect. Scintilla aims to assume the key role of completing the neighborhood from an urban, social, natural and connective perspective.

The new road layout and the cycle-pedestrian reconnection along the north-south axis, parallel to the railway, allow the intervention to re-link with the city, offering the opportunity to create a new important polarity. The social housing offer, with the student residence, and the inclusion of commercial activities on the ground floor bring a renewed vitality and new perspectives. The public space design, which alternates several human-scale areas with different features, joins the landscape design, composed by an equipped boulevard along the railway and a pedagogical park to the south. The result being a balanced masterplan that generates the ideal environment for new sustainable models of life and community in the heart of lambrate.

Thanks to the collaborative work of all members of the group, a great result was achieved through integrated design and multidisciplinarity.

Castello (investor), Park Associati (urban planning architect), CCL-consorzio cooperativa lavoratori (social housing manager), Fondazione C.E.U.R (student housing manager), Arcadis (environmental expert, structural engineer, energy and plant-engineering strategies and sustainability), Net Engineering (experts in mobility, infrastructure and transport), Revo (experts in light mobility) Base (landscape architect), Circolo Acli Lambrate (experts in social development), Siemens (expert in digital solutions for sustainability), Evoluthion (expert in prefabricated and wood buildings, product engineering), Mediobanca (financial advisor), Todarello & Partners (legal and administrative consultant).

  • Info
    • Location
    • Client
      Castello SGR, Ferrovie dello Stato, Comune di Milano
    • Status
    • Year
    • Area
      64000 m²
    • Design team
      Filippo Pagliani, Michele Rossi Marco Panzeri, Andrea Riva (Project Directors) Elisa Borghi, Sara Cacciati, Valeria Donini, Erica Fassi, Marinella Ferrari, Simone Marzorati, Irene Ricciardi, Elisa Taddei Marinella Ferrari (Graphics) Antonio Cavallo, Xhensila Ogreni, Stefano Venegoni (Visualizations)

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