Magnifica Fabbrica - Parco del Teatro alla Scala

A single urban regeneration process creates a space dedicated to theatre and art

With the 'Magnifica Fabbrica' competition, the workshops of Teatro alla Scala will be moved from the spaces of the former Ansaldo in the Tortona neighbourhood to the Rubattino district, an area characterised by the powerful presence of an industrial past still visible in the impressive structure of the Palazzo di Cristallo, which will be refurbished and redeveloped by the project.

Park Associati’s project stemmed from the desire to create a single urban regeneration process of the neighbourhood through a virtuous path of collaboration between the two areas, the park and the industrial district, and the activities existing within them. This is how the project Parco del Teatro alla Scala was born, a wider, more articulated system covering the 160,000 square metres of the competition area. The park's project consists of a system of art nodes recalling the world of theatre and art, with the natural landscape restoring the role of social connector of the workshops’ space. The Parco del Teatro alla Scala will be an interactive meeting place where the roles of spectator and 'actor' alternate in space.


Park Associati (architecture and urban design), Land (landscape architect), ESA Engineering (MEP, lighting design, VVF, CSP-CSE, acoustics, energy and sustainability, QS, DL), Milan Ingegneria (structural engineer) Mobility in Chain (experts in mobility, infrastructure and transport), Smartland (economic regeneration strategy), Efrem Ghezzi (hydrogeological strategy), Guia Buzzi (theatre consultancy)

  • Info
    • Location
    • Client
      Comune di Milano
    • Status
    • Year
    • Area
      160000 m²
    • Design team
      Filippo Pagliani, Michele Rossi Marco Panzeri (Project Director) Andrea Riva (Project Leader) Gaia Calegari, Erica Fassi, Irene Ricciardi, Enrico Sterle, Beatrice Tosini Marinella Ferrari (Graphics) Antonio Cavallo, Xhensila Ogreni, Stefano Venegoni (Visualizations)

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