Innovation, circularity, sustainability: setting up exhibition spaces ethically and responsibly.

For the Milan Design Week 2024, MoscaPartners entrusted Park Associati with the design of an exhibition solution for the new location of Design Variations, a garage located in Milan's historic Darsena area, built from 1938 and completed at the end of the 1940s based on an idea by Marco Zanuso. An architectural testament to Modern Milan, this building is characterised by the functionalist impact given by large square windows, winding ramps connecting the two levels and expansive volumes.

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    • Area
      3000 m²
    • Design team
      Founding Partners: Filippo Pagliani, Michele Rossi Project Leader: Vincenzo Salierno Architects: Lidia Marchianò, Alessandro Bentivegna, Marianna Merisi (landscape) Visualizers: Stefano Venegoni, Ida Jonassen Editing Video: Camilla Corato

Setting up exhibition spaces for temporary shows involves the use of materials that reach the end of their life cycle in a very short period of time; this leads to a reflection on how an ethical design process that looks towards circularity and, consequently, sustainability can be activated.

Focusing on a smart reuse of building materials, the project is characterised by an articulation of spaces through partition walls made of dry-laid hemp cement bricks, which result in a modular arrangement of the large 3,000-square-metre indoor area.

'Hemp_scape is an opportunity to focus attention on themes related to urban mining and bio-based materials our Park Plus research team has been developing for years, with the aim of emphasising the need for an ethical, responsible and low-impact architecture. All the hemp bricks used will be reintroduced to the market for reuse at the end of the event, thanks to a completely dry assembly that allows for quick construction and de-construction, with zero impact on the environment.'

Hemp_scape is an exhibition design project that looks to innovation and environmental responsibility, enhances the architectural volume that houses it by creating fluid and flexible spaces, and at the same time is capable of giving a strong overall identity to the Design Variations exhibition. An intervention that reflects the values representing Park Associati's design approach, 'listening, intuition and experimentation', translating them into a smart environmentally respectful exhibition process.

Viz and video by Park Associati, photos and video by Nicola Colella.
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