Canali Boutiques

The design concept of the worldwide Canali boutiques originates from an analysis of the brand's values: versatility, sober elegance and fluidity

Developed by Park Associati for the Canali boutiques, the concept translates the values of the iconic brand of bespoke men's fashion into a design proposal based on refinement, versatility and textural contrasts. The concept envisages the creation of hybrid transversal spaces, where interior and exterior, private and public, merge into environments that are not immediately categorised and show no formal and stylistic excesses.

Il flagship store di New York, in Madison Avenue, è il primo ad essere stato realizzato sulla base della nuova proposta progettuale, seguito da quello di Pechino e Milano.

Materiali legati alla tradizione architettonica acquisiscono unicità e valore nella lavorazione artigianale applicata e nell’utilizzo calibrato degli elementi, rispecchiando il carattere sartoriale ed elegante che contraddistingue il brand Canali. 

The design concept aims to foster a dialogue between art and fashion, thus adding visual and cultural value to customer shopping experience. The presence of 'Untitled Views', a selection of works by the Italian duo Goldschmied & Chiari turns the Madison Avenue boutique into a sophisticated, unique public-sharing workshop. The artists' performative process uses natural coloured smoke-producing systems to create abstract fluid pictures that are printed on mirrored glass. The works create an immersive path, welcoming visitors into a highly imaginative and colourful environment. 

The Lounge Canali at the heart of the store is another vehicle of the brand's values. Designed as a hybrid space, it hosts the works as well as a bar that fosters informal situations and enriches visitor experience.

The different furnishings are characterised by a game of contrasts created by using surfaces featuring curved and radial patterns that interact with the square lightweight volumes. Mineral surfaces such as marble and stone with different finishes combine with wood generating controlled geometries, and with technically refined metallic finishes. The introduction of simple details brings to mind the design of sophisticated technological objects and imparts freshness and contemporaneity to the store.

Wall coverings such as plaster and veneer are created using processes inspired by the circularity of the production cycle, thanks to the recycling of waste, the use of sustainable sources and highly organised processes aimed to reduce waste and consumption.

Particular attention is paid to light. The natural light streaming in through the windows characterises the front spaces of the store, while the vestibule, the dressing rooms, the cash desk area and the access to the warehouse and ancillary spaces are at the back. The chosen materials and the garments on display are enhanced by the light, which is cast evenly by a lighting system that draws an elegant and original graphic pattern on the ceiling.

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      New York, Beijing, Milano
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    • Design team
      Filippo Pagliani, Michele Rossi (Founding Partner) Davide Viganò (Project Leader) Alice Cuteri, Diego Fiori, Davide Perin Stefano Venegoni (Visualizations)
Project reference photos: Piero Portaluppi, Mies van der Rohe; Photo by: Christopher Payne, East End Yovth
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