Park Lab is a professional space dedicated to model making and digital fabrication, where research and design methodology connect. Models are conceived as tools aimed at communicating a project’s concept and Park Associati's identity.

The language of models, like that of architecture, is formalized through volumetric composition and the choice of materials and colours, by following the rules of representation and visual perception. The creation of an in-house atelier means the practice has a production and experimentation space that supports the flow of an increasingly wide variety of different-scale projects in various design areas. At the same time, stylistic and expressive research on models allows the identity of the studio to become readily identifiable.

Park Lab is specifically designed and organised to support the creation of study models and to build conceptual and presentation models using different model making machines. The Lab is equipped with a laser cutting machine, a CNC milling cutter, rapid prototyping, traditional carpentry equipment and a painting booth.