Scale prototyping is one of the tools most-frequently used to control and represent a project throughout its development stages. Park Lab is the materialisation of architecture: in this workshop, ideas take a three-dimensional shape and are expressed as concepts that are inextricably linked to the world of form.

Keeping a careful eye on design, we free ourselves from the two-dimensional composition of the sheet or screen to test proportions and movements in real life.

Working with models means being more aware of the implications of design choices and having a full understanding of their technical-constructive aspects.

By taking part in the daily workflow of the project groups, the Lab implements the practice's traditional propensity to narrate through models. Innovative tools coexist alongside traditional materials and tools, with the aim of achieving winning ideas that would otherwise not be within reach.

Tools and materials

Those using the laboratory have access to different machines that allow them to obtain different specific objectives. Mainly employed for cutting and detail processing, the Laser-cutter is one of the earliest tools implemented within Park Lab and is the most frequently used in designing presentation models for customers and competitions. The tasks characterised by a more complex composition are instead carried out with 3D printers, which, allowing greater three-dimensional freedom, result in a much more detailed formal study. Completing the laboratory's digital making tools is a CNC milling machine for numerically controlled engraving, mostly used for large territorial and contextual models.

Behind the machines, the careful work of the architects who coordinate Park Lab's activities is however still paramount. The sensibility in the choice of the cements, woods, plastic materials and paints that make up our models, as well as the skills employed in the design of the models themselves are the result of the constant research and attention that contribute to guaranteeing the 'artisanal' quality that always characterises our prototypes.