Workshop at Amandola – Urban Mining and reuse of waste material in the crater's areas

Park Associati act as tutor at the workshop organised by the Faculty of Architecture and Design of the University of Camerino as part of the II level Master CIRCUL_AR, Forme e Metodologie dell'Architettura Circolare (Forms and Methodologies of Circular Architecture). The Workshop is curated by Timothy Brownlee and Federica Ottone, teachers at Unicam, with the collaboration of Alessio Battistella, professor at the Politecnico di Milano, and the architects Matteo Arietti and Michele Versaci, of Park Associati.

Taking place in Amandola, in the province of Fermo in the Marche region, inside the crater created by the 2016 earthquake, the workshop focuses on the restoration and performance improvement of temporary houses, which will be relocated and reused in a new area.

The workshop will reflect on the critical issues related to temporary housing structures and on how rubble can be reused in a creative way, by thinking outside the box and following the principles of urban mining, respect for local material cultures and the reduction of CO2 emissions in the construction process.

19th - 29th July, Amandola.

The workshop is open to all students, who will be awarded three free credits. For information: info@centrostudieformazione.it