Park Associati is one of the designers of 'Unione Zero', the first private development lot of MilanoSesto

Park Associati is one of the designers of 'Unione Zero', the first private development lot of MilanoSesto

Hines has finalized the process of selecting the designers of 'Unione Zero', the first development lot that will see the launch of MilanoSesto, the largest urban regeneration project in Italy and one of the major European ones. Park Associati will design the student residence that will house approximately 700 beds.

The same area also envisages office spaces, hospitality, neighbourhood commercial activities and innovative residential solutions in which are involved the other selected designers: Antonio Citterio e Patrizia Viel, Barreca & La Varra e Scandurra Studio Architettura.

To guarantee coherence, philosophy and international vision, the projects will be based on the masterplan signed by the architectural practice Foster + Partners.

All the firms involved will be asked to interpret, each within their own project cluster, the concepts of environmental sustainability and energy efficiency, in terms of performance and LEED, Well and Cradle to Cradle certifications, favouring the use of innovative materials in line with the principles of circular economy and enhancing the interaction between public and private spaces.

“MilanoSesto is an extraordinary opportunity to give new life to and renew the vocation of an area that has been so meaningful within Italy's industrial history — said Michele Rossi, co-founder of Park Associati. Working on the student housing building enables us to pursue the research path on the forms of living and to experiment new balances that mix private environments and public spaces. Our intention is to tackle the design process promoting an ongoing dialogue and interchange with both the masterplan and the designers of the other clusters. In our opinion, this working method can enrich all projects with both contents and solutions".