Park Associati wins the International competition for the New Waterfront in Catania

Catania looks at the sea: water, as a resource and identity factor is at the center of the project. Recreate the lost continuity with the historic center, return a place to live, play and relax, imagine a resilient future of the city, are the principles of our vision for Catania.

Competition for a Masterplan – Requalification of the Waterfront and interaction areas of the City with the Port and the Railway"
On the basis of public evidence procedures, in accordance with art. 156 Code of Contracts and the provisions of the specification for tenders, the following results of the selection procedure in the date 08/04/2019 are reported:
First Place: RTP (constituting) PARK Associati Srl, Milan (Leading Company); Stable engineering Consortium R1 S.C.A.R.L., San Giovanni la Punta (CT); COPRAT, Mantova;
Second Place: RTP (constituting) arch. P.F. Calì and Associates (arch. Madorell, arch, Costa, ING. Love, Arch. He Calì, Ing. Pennisi, Arch. Russian, Dr. Impallomeni, Arch. Grima, Acicastello (CT)
Third Place: Architecture Company "Ternullo/Melo Architects” Lisbon (Portugal).