Today Canali inaugurates its New York Flagship Store designed by Park Associati

Canali inaugurates its new Flagship Store in Madison Avenue, New York.

The project, designed by Park Associati, reflects the elegant nature of the fashion brand, while the introduction of minimal details imparts freshness and contemporaneity to the store.  Similar to the brand's distinguishing sartorial features, the materials associated with traditional architecture acquire their individuality and value through applied craftsmanship.

During the opening, the Italian artist duo Goldschmied & Chiari will present Untitled Views, a body of works chosen by Canali that are displayed in the store. The boutique is transformed into a refined and unique gallery, as the artworks define an immersive journey that takes the visitor from outside to inside the store, creating a dialogue with the style and uniqueness of the brand.

The body of work is composed of precious and evocative mirrored works that welcome the public into an imaginative, fluid, colorful environment, where dream, vision and landscape converge.