April / May 2020


How are you? Where you are I can imagine, probably at home, whether working or not, you can tell us if you wish…


For obvious reasons, Park Associati had to call off temporarily the live events programmed in the studio but we would like to keep in touch with those who follow our work and who we feel close, even at this time of forced social distancing.

We decided to invite friends, colleagues, collaborators, near and far, to answer a series of questions about their lives at home, their new “work environment”, the daily life, to think about what they are missing much in that situation or what they don’t miss at all and could give up in the future. We are interested to know how architecture and design of the workplaces could change or if there will be new ways to live the public spaces as well as if the uncertainty of this time will have a significant impact on the future development of the big cities in the world.


Room with a View is a semi-serious survey, a light way to talk about the present time and to remember it, trying to imagine the future.

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