Opening and talk: 20th March, 6.30 pm - 9 pm
Exhibition: 20th March / 23rd March, 12 pm - 7 pm

Park Hub, Via Garofalo 31, Milan

Join us on March 20th at Park Hub for the opening of Protege Noctem, a project featuring photographs by Mattia Balsamini and essays by Raffaele Panizza.

Park Associati presents Protege Noctem, a photographic exhibition of the works of Mattia Balsamini from the publication of the same name that focuses on the disappearance of the night, realised in collaboration with Raffaele Panizza, author of the texts and co-creator of the project, which won, among others, the ISPA, FOTOGRAFIA EUROPEA and GETXO PHOTO awards. The selection of works depicts the impact of light pollution on all the protagonists of our ecosystem: man, animals, plants, insects, and even deep space.

On the occasion of the opening, a discussion about the significance of urban light pollution and the shared responsibilities of citizens and professionals concerning it will be held by Mattia Balsamini, Raffaele Panizza and Matteo Arietti - Head of Research at Park Associati.

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