Park Associati participates in 'Vuoto futuro', workshop for a new industrial reuse on the occasion of Bergamo Brescia Capital of Culture 2023

Park Associati participates in 'Vuoto futuro' an architecture workshop for a new industrial reuse.

It will take place in Brescia on 21st, 22nd, 23rd July 2023, together with Associates Architecture, SuperSpatial and WAR.

Vuoto futuro' is a three-day workshop developed around four working tables, each one coordinated by a studio that together with a group of five students will design a specific area of the disused architectural artefact. The works produced through sketches drawings and study models will then be presented in a public event on Sunday 23rd July.

The workshop is open to students and young professionals, for a maximum number of 20 participants selected on the basis of curricular information and will take place at Spazio Mo.Ca. The project area is the Ex Laminatoio Tempini, located within Comparto Milano, a large urban void in the city of Brescia.

You can register here.

21st, 22nd, 23rd July

Spazio Mo.Ca - Brescia city centre