MoLeCoLa and FILI, two interacting projects that give life to one of the largest urban and extra-urban regeneration interventions in Europe

Promoted by the Lombardy Region, FNM, Ferrovie Nord and Trenord, FILI rethinks mobility along the Milan-Malpensa axis, the main route for the 2026 Milan-Cortina Olympics. A network of new high mobility green urban scenarios will take shape between the stations of Milan Cadorna, Milan Bovisa, Saronno and Busto Arsizio. The MoLeCoLa masterplan rethinks both the Bovisa node and the railway station area, which will become its beating heart, and is one of the most important events of the intervention of urban mending in this area. MoLeCoLa experiments with alternative and sustainable ways of experiencing mobility, landscape, living, working and consumption, with the aim of increasing well-being for the individual and for the whole community. Its interaction with FILI, which envisages the planting of hundreds of thousands of trees in the territory of 24 municipalities and the creation of a cycle 'superhighway' between Milan and Malpensa airport, will turn the Bovisa district into one of the most important points of exchange between Malpensa international airport and the city.