On November 29-30 Park Associati join the international presentation of Front Camera/Back Camera by Hoda Zarbaf

Hoda Zarbaf (1982-2020) was an Iranian-Canadian artist, who produced over 50 multimedia sculptures, compositions and installations in the span of her short-yet-significant career.

Made in 2017, Front Camera/Back Camera features two opposite projections of the artist and her thoughts. It reveals Zarbaf’s state of “self” reflection versed by the gaze of her ego. Together, the two unfeigned projections exhibit a rather harrowing conversation between the self as “I,” the subjective knower, and the self as “Me,” the known object.

Curated by Sanam Samanian
(Curatorial Agency)

The work is presented simultaneously by:

Onsite Gallery, OCAD University (Toronto)
The Bridge & Tunnel Gallery (Brooklyn)
Park Hub (Milan)
Ab-Anbar Gallery (London)
Dastan Gallery (Teheran)