Disegnare con gli Alberi

On the occasion of BookCity Milano 2018, Park Associati hosted the presentation of Marco Bay's book "Drawing with Trees". The author talked on Friday, November 16, with Filippo Pagliani and Michele Rossi, founding architects of Park Associati.
Drawing with Threes tells the wonderful "effort", to imagine and build green spaces in places where the green is neglected, outraged, banned. From the moment in which the design idea is conceived, up to the planting of the plants, through the scenographic study of the right counterpoint of light and shadow, the book unfolds a very particular creative project: the genesis of living architectures.

"This is not a treatise on the art of gardens, nor a botany manual. It is the small story of the experiences of an architect who draws with threes. I wrote it as if it were a garden design. And, like a garden, it's never finished. With nature you never stop. Because a life is not enough to make a beautiful garden." Marco Bay

Marco Bay is a landscape architect. He is author of projects and realizations in Italy and in Europe for public and private areas. He deals with the restoration of historic gardens and environmental requalification of commercial and industrial spaces. He has collaborated more than once on Park Associati’s projects, as in the case of La Serenissima.