Opening: 22nd March, 6.30 pm - 9 pm
Exhibition: 22nd March / 26th March, 12 pm - 8 pm

Park Hub, Via Garofalo 31, Milan

Park Associati presents Human domination on Earth, Karina Castro's first solo exhibition, which brings together a selection of photographs from the visual research on the presence of man on Earth the artist has been carrying out since 2019. The works can be viewed at the Park Hub space from 22nd to 26th March 2023.

Castro's investigation stems from a desire to question the present historical period. In recent years, the artist captured images of different landscapes, places and environments – from warm Portuguese beaches, to icy Swiss heights – sharing only common thread, the presence of man. The effects of human activity are inevitably affecting the physical, chemical and biological characteristics of the Earth's environment.

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