Trenno Living

/ Running along the entire surface of the façade, the balcony becomes a filtering element between the private residences and the open space of the green courtyard

West Milan is a changing place with its distinctive historical quality made up of post-modern residential neighbourhoods, public housing, green areas and public and sports facilities. The competition for a new residential complex that will rise among the district's most important public hubs provided an opportunity to reflect on this particular urban context and to choose a concept that would absorb the area's contrasts between static and moving elements.

The project consists of two architectural forms that aim to reflect a connection to the place through a low body that is in line with the adjacent buildings, as well as the creation of a tower that rises for twenty-two floors with a view towards the city's skyline. The two slightly offset volumes create a gentle and rhythmic design on the façades, which are characterised by a dynamic, light appearance that contrasts with their static linear core structure.

A large bright entrance hall welcomes the flows and leads to the park to the rear. Inside, the choice of materials provides a warm, welcoming environment suited to a residential reception area: the alternation of reflective tiles and rough stone, soft carpeting and integrated wooden seats between the large bright window creates a vibrant contrast.

The courtyard is a veritable private park, with a dense wooded portion on the edge of the lot giving way to the more functional and controlled greenery of the actual courtyard that is in direct contact with the condominium functions. The greenery also extends to the two terraces on the fifth and sixth floors of the low building, which are available to the inhabitants. Changing with the seasons as well as throughout the day, the two different botanical sceneries create resting points in direct relationship with the scents and colours of the selected species.

  • Info
    • Location
    • Client
      Castello SGR
    • Year
    • Area
      13700 m²
    • Design team
      Filippo Pagliani, Michele Rossi Elena Ghetti (Project Leader) Alice Cuteri, Ana Hebborn, Alessandra Peracin Marianna Merisi (Landscape) Marinella Ferrari (Graphics) Antonio Cavallo, Mara Nunziante, Xhensila Ogreni, Stefano Venegoni (Visualizations)

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