The Pecchi

/ The introverted building becomes a transparent hub open to the landscape and to the interconnection

This project transforms the central building of the office complex at Cassina dè Pecchi, just outside Milan, into a hub that brings together the services for the sector's companies. Inside the building, space is expanded and brightened by the transparency of the glass façade that connects it to the outdoor space, a former car park turned into green area. The building thus becomes the centre of interconnection between the other buildings, the green park and the interior.

The hard retrofitting intervention creates new spaces for catering, event areas, meeting rooms, a fitness area, as well as new socializing and smart working spaces, with a view to becoming a pioneering example and a pole of attraction for new activities in the area.

The project makes the structure more connected creating new access ramps leading directly to the entrance, opened onto a vast double-height environment, brightened by windows on three sides and by the large skylight on the ceiling. The proposed space is a large white box, overlooked by a scenic staircase leading to the upper floor.

Here people can have breakfast and lunch, enjoying the light at noon or the shade of the trees towards the north in a simple, spacious environment. On the upper floors the area features open spaces, meeting rooms of various sizes and two lounges.

The building lost ist austere original appearance, thanks to a completely transparent façade system modulated - in the upper part – by the red and gray colouring of the glazed portions, as well as the rich dark grey of the pilaster strips, that cross the surface.

The concepts of liveability, sociability and co-operation are also applied to outdoor spaces, with the creation of new pedestrian paths, planting and flooring with fixed and movable equipment for outdoor work and breaks in the fresh air.

Original building

Project - 2019

Photo by: Andrea Martiradonna
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