Hines Italy Corporate Office

/ Dynamic and homelike atmosphere for an open space reflecting the new office’s comfort requirements

The project for the offices of Hines Italy in Milan was concluded with the opening of the new spaces on the ground floor in Via Broletto, where the company's headquarters are located.

Developing as a large open space around a central courtyard, the offices reflect both the layout and the functionality of the first floor premises, where the interior design had been the object of an earlier intervention by Park Associati.

Organised as a seamless ring, the open space comprises free-standing workstations, separate offices, phone booths and meetings rooms. As on the upper floor, maximum functionality was achieved with simple furnishing solutions designed to promote a comfortable working environment.

Smaller than the main first floor meeting room, the different-sized meeting rooms overlook the central courtyard. The choice of simple white aluminium furnishings alternated by green inserts that reflect the walls' colours ensures the comfort of these bright spaces. Characterised by a highly informal atmosphere and by its user-friendly spaces, this environment evokes a domestic feel. The kitchen and the sitting area  provided for relaxation lend the space the atmosphere of a shared apartment.

The reception area on the first floor welcomes guests offering a more classic look. The wainscoting, the marble counter and the parquet floor all combine to create a professional, elegant environment − the hallmark of a contemporary office −, thanks to a design that is attentive to the changing needs of people in the workplace.

  • Info
    • Location
    • Client
      Hines Italy RE SGR
    • Year
    • Area
    • Design team
      Filippo Pagliani, Michele Rossi Marco Panzeri (Project Director) Elena Ghetti, Alice Cuteri

Photo by: Nicola Colella
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