Saporiti Italia Inside Art 2008

Much more than merely an indoor or outdoor furnishing item, Black Boulder takes an attitude to open space as a place that can be universally lived and used. Its black Corian surface creates a vaguely expressionist series of continual facets that seems to artificially reproduce the world of mountains and rocks. Like a contemporary meteor of solidified lava, it returns us to the origins of life whilst pointing us towards the future, experimenting with materials and forms that go beyond the everyday life usually imagined by designers. As well as acting as a playful element, this ‘piece of rock’ can also be used as a bench or an intimate chaise-longue, or a climbing and exercise wall, or simply as a presence that marks out the boundaries of a space. Whether it is used traditionally for designing an interior, or turns towards the outside world, its smooth black material has a continuity that enables it to be used in many different ways.
Park Associati
(Filippo Pagliani, Michele Rossi)

Design Team
Paolo Uboldi_Project Leader

Saporiti Italia S.p.a.

Raffaele Saporiti, Michele Rossi
Ottagono 212 "An oxymoron resolved: inside nature"
A+D+M 14 "Rassegna"
April 2008
Casabella 767 "Saporiti Italia Inside Art 2008"
June 2008
Interni 1 "Angoli e curve"
January 2009 "Saporiti nel mondo dell'arte"
Inside Art 2008
Location: Milan, Italy
Client: Saporiti Italia Spa
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