This guide, which has no intention of being critically analytical or all-encompassing, marks and geo-locates significant landmarks all over the city. The application actually has two separate sections, one for modern architecture and one for contemporary architecture, featuring pictures and concise information about selected buildings, so as to provide people coming to Milan for the EXPO (or for any other reason) with a vision of the city encompassing both its new architecture and those works that have made the city’s history since the war. With the aid of an “active” map, you will be accompanied to the place you want to visit and informed about everything of interest in the vicinity, including attractions other than architecture in a section called lifestyle: useful suggestions and pointers about miscellaneous places and activities, covering everything from culture and entertainment to
curious, unexpected places and good food & drink, without, of course, overlooking shopping. for info and download, or directly from Appstore and Googleplay
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