Hotel Rewind
Michele Rossi held a lecture at the Forum on hotel refurbishment, organized by Agora at the hotel Enterprise in Milan on June 6th. Focus of his lecture has been the urban regeneration as an opportunity for energy saving, building safety, compatibility and environmental sustainability, enhancing the monuments and historic buildings
and increasing the architectural quality of the cities.
Concorso Lego
Edilportale Tour
Renovation, energy redevelopment, living comfort, BIM: talk at Palazzo Stelline Congress Center in Milan on Thursday, May 18, for the Edilportale Tour Meetings. Michele Rossi invited to have a lecture for Park Associati.
Architettura della Trasparenza
Architecture of transparency. Tecnical meeting organized by the Architecture and Design Department of the Ferrara University and Focchi Spa. Arch. Marco Siciliano talked about Nestlé Headquarters project.; 9/5/2017
The case Piazza Cordusio
Round table curated by Assimpredil Ance on Urban Regeneration dedicated to the transformation of Piazza Cordusio in Milan and its future as a new commercial landmark of the city.
Among the participants, the involved architecture offices, the clients as well as the Fine Arts / Landscape and Urban Planning Departments of the City of Milan.
Safety and innovation for new ways of working
Workplace 3.0, the section dedicated to office space at Salone del Mobile,Milano will host the seminar "Security and innovation for the new ways of working" organized by INAIL. Filippo Pagliani has been invited to talk about the new experiences of space design in working places with a presentation entitled: "The landscape of workplaces. Three stories". Moderator Luigi Prestinenza Puglisi. Friday 7, Fiera Milano Rho.
Filippo Pagliani talks about Workplace 3.0 in Milan at the new day of interviews organized by 500x100.; March 7, 2017
Architettura, Architetti e Medio Oriente
Filippo Pagliani invited to lecture at the meeting Architectures, Italian Architects and the Middle East, organized by the magazine Compasses at the release of issue # 23. Napoli 1 February.; February 1st, 2017
Create sinergy in architecture: creativity, technology and innovation for a sustainable approach to the project
Filippo Pagliani is guest architect at the meeting organized by The Plan - Architecture Magazine, with a lecture entitled:
"A methodological reflection between new and pre-existence"; 10/11/2016
Priceless Milano: effimero itinerante
Park Associati participates to the 2016 edition of Miarch, International Architecture Festival.
The lecture, titled 'Priceless Milano: effimero itinerante', on October 14 at 5,30 pm at Politecnico Milano.; 14/10/2016
L'Architettura della Materia
Park Associati invited to participate to the series of meetings organized by the Casabella magazine entitled The Architecture of Matter.; 10/10/2016
Brand & Landscape Awards
Presentation of Nestlé Headquarters project, shortlisted at the Brand & Landscape Awards.; July 1st, 2016
A methodological reflection about old an new
Lecture by Filippo Pagliani to the students of the Architecture Faculty at the Mendrisio University; May 10, 2016
Integrated Design for Smart Eco Buildings
Integrated Design for Smart-Eco buildings Seminar. Park Associati participates with a lecture entitled: ' The Design of the Headquarters. A methodological approach between Architecture and client's requirements'.; April 13, 2016
Ephemerality. Space, Time and Architecture
Park Associati invited to talk at the Symposium of Architecture and Design at the University of St. Joseph in Macao. organized in Macau with a lecture entitled: 'The ephemeral reuse. A pop-up vision.; March 5, 2016
Michele Rossi invited in the series of talks organized by 500x100. A meeting place and discussion on the future of cities.; February 29, 2016
20 città x 20 conferenze
Park Associati invited to the conferences series organized by The Plan magazine in 20 Italian cities. The title of Philip Pagliani is 'A methodological reflection between new and pre-existence'.; February17, 2016
Meeting organized by the architecture magazine Modulo on the internationalization strategies of Italian architectural firms.; February 5, 2016
Racconti di progetto, Villeroy & Boch
Projects and videos of the 3rd edition of A.Prize presented by the designers.
Park Associates contribution: Nestle Headquarters.; November 3, 2015
The Next Building
The NZEB revolution and the new rules on buildings near-zero energy.
Technology, systems and solutions for a sustainable design.
Speech by Park Associates: 'Beyond the limits of composition and typology of architecture'; November 3, 2015
Food Business
The urban regeneration through the places of food. Speech by Park Associati 'The phenomenon of pop-up restaurants: The Cube and Priceless, two successfully experiences'.; October 16, 2015
Architettura Sostenibile: l'involucro edilizio e l'involucro energetico
Park Associati invited to participate in the meeting with a lecture entitled: 'Designi of Building envelope between new an pre-exhistence.; June 8 2015
Milano Capitale del Moderno
Park Associati participating in the cycle 'Architetti al Belvedere' in a meeting for Milano Capitale del Moderno Architecture Pavilion, with the lecture: 'Urban Renaissance'; June 4 2015
Perspective 2015
Presentation of the project Nestle Headquarters, competing for The Plan Award; May 18-20 2015
La concretezza del costruire
New generations of italian architects 2.0; 21/4/2015
Urban Reinassance
La progettazione tra nuovo e preesistente
Natural Light in contemporary architecture
Renaissance of buildings. Projects between new and pre-existence.; March 18
Fare Architettura a Milano
Park Associati and Piuarch talk about making architecture in Milan at Casabella Lab; February 23, 6 pm
Master Architettura Ambiente Salerno
Park Associati talk lecture at the Master Architettura Ambiente organized in Salerno by Newitalianblood
Urban Reset Symposium - Milano/Amsterdam
Contemporary Urban Design Solutions, a lecture by Michele Rossi, Park Associati; January 29 2015
I territori del progetto tra nuovo e preesistenza
Territori Del Progetto
Filippo Pagliani lecture at IUAV in Venice for the series of conferences and seminars organized as part of the Master of Science in Architecture and Innovation and the Biennale _Sessions Program by Marko Pogacnik and Umberto Trame.
Course of History of Architecture, M. Pogacnik - collaborators: L. Skansi and A. Franchini.; May, 7 2014
IUAV Venezia
Riqualificazione del patrimonio edilizio terziario
The third seminar of the series of meetings organized by the webmagazine WOW! in collaboration with Association of Architects of Milan. The theme is the upgrading and refurbishment of tertiary architecture in Milan.
Park Associati studio invited to talk about the restyling in via Turati, La Serenissima Office Building.; March 27, 2014
CAI Milano: Paradisi (non solo) artificiali
A panel discussion about the ability of indoor gyms to promote attendance becoming aware of the mountain, sometimes virtuous opportunities for urban regeneration.; March 20, 2014
Thinking Varese
Michele Rossi and Filippo Pagliani talk about the projects of Park Associati at Villa Panza, Varese, for the cycle of meetings 'Thinking Varese'. The meeting will be moderated by Luca Molinari.; 12 febbraio 2014
park Associati - I territori del progetto
Lecture for the students of the Architecture School of italian Switzerland; November 29th, 2013
'Architecture to come between existing and new practice'
Filippo Pagliani and Michele Rossi invited to the inaugural convention of Restructura in Turin, talk about the restyling of La Serenissima Office Building.; November 21, 2013
Milano Work in progress #5 Gioiaotto
Filippo Pagliani and Michele Rossi talk with Manfredi Catella, ceo of Hines, about the project Gioiaotto; March 21, 2013
Presentation of the volume 'Transparency'
Lecture by Filippo Pagliani
'Tre casi di riconversioni di edifici storici milanesi: Tiziano 32, La Serenissima (ex Campari) via Turati, Gioiaotto Residenze Porta Nuova.' (Three examples of refurbishment of historical buildings in Milan.); March 18th, Politecnico of Milano
Univerity of Rome, Tor Vergata, Workshop of Architecture History
Lecture by Filippo Pagliani.
'PARK Associati, I territori del progetto.'; April 17, 2013
Architects meet in Selinunte
L'architettura che verrà. Trenta idee per il prossimo futuro.
Lecture by Filippo Pagliani.
'L'architettura che verrà tra preesistenza e nuovo'; 12th may > 10th june
Nuove sfide del design: scenari, prospettive, strumenti
Meeting organized by Sole 24 Ore and Arper.
Lecture by Filippo Pagliani
'Project Management & Design: from the project to the realization.'; Milano, June 26 2013
Park Associati 2000-2012. Progetti e Visioni
Filippo Pagliani presents Park Associati projects 2000-2012; May 17, 2012
Sustainable Projects: Salewa Headquarters
Meeting organized by Zumtobel in Rome, Florence and Milano.
Architects, consultants and contractors talk about Salewa Headquarters focusing on sustaibability.; various appointments 2012
Innesti, Matrioske & C, Triennale Milano
Workshop. Michele Rossi presents the project 'The Cube by Electrolux); October 30, 2012
Workshop on Architecture Planning
Lecture by Filippo Pagliani
'PARK Associati - Recent works'; December 11, Politecnico, Milano
International Schenographers' Meeting
Corporate Schenography
Lecture by Michele Rossi titled 'Brand Architecture: The Cube by Electrolux - Salewa Headquarters'; November 17-18, Stuttgart, Akademie der Künste
I workshop di Elementi. Facciate e serramenti
I workshop di Elementi. Façades and windows.
Title of Park Associati lecture: 'Sustainable building skins'.; November 4, 2011
Made Expo 2011
Park Associati presents recent projects at Made Expo 2011; October 5, 2011
Design Library
Michele De Lucchi talks with Filippo Pagliani and Michele Rossi at the Design Library, Milano; October 20, 2001
Risparmio energetico e forma architettonica, progettazione sostenibile e innovazione tecnologica degli edifici
Conference at Politecnico, Milano.
Filippo Pagliani lecture: 'Park Associati: recent architectures. Methodological criteria in sustainable design.'; January 14, 2010
Urban Promo
Convention Urban Promo, Istituto Veneto di lettere, Venice; November 4-7, 2009
A.C.E. Architecture Culture Environment
Symposium: 'A.C.E. Architecture Culture Environment', Varenna (CO).
Title of Park Associati lecture: 'New morphologies and new skins driven by climate and environment'; 7-8 aprile 2009
Risparmio energetico e forma architettonica, progettazione sostenibile e innovazione tecnologica degli edifici
Convention: 'Energy saving and architectural form, sustainable design and technological innovation in buildings.' Palace of Congresses, Bellaria, Rimini.
Title of Park Associati Lecture:'Morphology and innovative building skins, climate driven'.; October 1, 2009
Architetture e sviluppo alpino
Convention in Aosta, Pollein, Gran Place.
Title of Park Associati lecture:'International Headquarters Salewa, Bolzano.'; October 17, 2009
Verso una progettazione consapevole, 2009
Meeting organized by the regional association of Architects, Architects and Energy: Toward a conscious design, 2009. Autodromo Nazionale, Monza
Title of Park Associati's lecture: 'Methodological criteria in sustainable design.'; November 21, 2009
Ordine Architetti Milano
Conference of Park Associati titled: 'An Aesthetic of disorder ,U14Building in Milanofiorinord, Assago (MI)'.; April 3, 2008
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